Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CERN Project: Blowjob

I just remembered that some time ago it was big news the fact of the Gangnam Style song becoming the most watched ever clip in youtube :)

I thought that such thing was important to be shared among us, as in today's culture it is so important that you risk of getting told sentences like the following one, that will leave you with poker face unless if you know what are they talking about:

I am not going to start showing off how cool I am dancing that (yes, I learned it) but will just say that we also noticed that so many versions of the video were being created by fans that one of our best Greeks Mikaela fan even proposed that we create our own CERN version!!

Well, for the moment that is just a project, but thinking about that, I had the idea that probably someone already did it!! So I went to google to check if such thing existed, just looking for the keywords ¨gangnam¨ and ¨cern¨. After doing that, I´m sure my face looked like the ¨Oh God, why¨ meme...

I found... the super secret CERN ¨Blow job¨ project!!!

Well, clicking in the link and checking the page well, you arrive to the conclusion that it is just a funny coincidence. Some person who's family name is Cern is making a set or artistic movie clips of pretty girls getting "a bit" of wind in their faces.

Still, the surprise of finding such possible CERN project among the different scientific research works here was... just disturbing :D