Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new poll!! (about SPAM)

Did you ever got mad at receiving too many SPAM emails per day? Do you get bored when you see that a lunch email starts getting dozens of replies just for fun? Or when an email for deciding a birthday present gets over 100 emails, with most of the last 40 emails dedicated to try to send the email number 69? Just vote and send some spam around!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Maikel is in the news!!!

After Juan, Isabel, Jonatan and so many others CERN maikels/mikaelas, now also Jorge entered in the hall of fame of glamourous people. Congratulations!!


Maikel has been in Monaco F1 competition and Cannes festival!!!

Apart from very busy working, preparing for the working visit to Portugal next week, Maikel seems to get some free time to show up at Monte Carlo F1 competition (yeah, exactly as in IronMan 2, where he was disguised) and also at the Cannes cinema festival, to eclipse all the famous guys there and try to escape from all hot glamourous girls. He got a picture from Russell Crowe and other rich famous people who doesn't know (well, he thinks so, because all these famous people look very different without make up and also some of the guys were not shaved or too much shaved).

PS: Maikel got another "e=mc^2" t-shirt for his collection, this one about Monte Carlo