Friday, August 27, 2010

Slang poll!! What is a "tarzanito"??

Not even everybody in Spain knows that. I also looked for it in a slang English dictionary and they also use the same one!

When Pablito told me about that the firs time, I was so... surprised... Ok, I will not give any more hints! But I promise a picture of it when the poll is over!! (I already found one XD)

LHC is doing trenecitos!!

If you are attending meetings at CERN recently, you probably have noticed that very often LHC people is doing things called something like bunch train injection studies. There are even gossips about little trains of heavy ion runs. People who does not understand what that mean, would maybe think that they are doing "trenecitos". Probably you already know about these if you voted in the past blog :)

Don't be scared! I don't think they will be really doing that things! It's probably something scientific and cool. Probably LHC people is enjoying them a lot so the cannot be that bad!! Just join the train!!

PS: I attach a photo of a real trenecito. It is amazing that it is a real photo shown in the Japanese wikipedia and that you find it looking for trenecitos in google images...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camilo uses pyjamas!!

and these are very bad news. While having a coffee with him, Monica, Stefano and a mysterious Italian Mikaela who doesn't want people to know her real name, someone suggested to post in this blog real photos of naked Maikels/Mikaelas.

The first victim should be Camilo. It has already been decided. If we cannot have Isabel to share her private photos of him then we might have a problem. In addition, Camilo declared that he ALWAYS uses pyjamas so it is impossible that anyone ever in life took a photo of him naked. Monica suspects that this implies that he does not sleep at all, making such photo impossible. Maybe Camilo's super-power is the impossibility of seeing him naked.

Luckily, the mysterious Italian Mikaela said he can use photoshop and volunteered to make a tentative naked photo of Camilo.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you know who is Maikel Yason???

Somehow (while looking for something else) I found by chance the following Spanish web site

I have to say that I had a hard time to try to guess who is this Maikel Yason guy they talk about... and then I noticed the photo!!! (Really, there is Spanish people who don't know much about writing in English, I guess...).

PS: apologies for not writing about CERN gossips but this official gossip about Maikel needed to be said

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slang poll!! What is a "trenecito"??

I just thought it would be funny to write stories about funny slang in English and Spanish so I start with this one.

Some weeks ago, Toni was telling everybody in his office about the Spanish slang word "trenecito" (meaning literally "little train"). Everybody was wondering what trenecito means and why it was so funny for him but finally they discovered it. Please, help voting in the poll at the right to check how good you are in Spanish slang!! For sure you will be surprised XD

Friday, August 13, 2010

Poll about Paul the Octopus is closed!

And I forgot to announce it :P I guess this probably why there were so few votes (8). I'm surprised that there are 2 votes for Paul regarding people who like his big dick... Results are:

Do you like Paul the Octopus?

Yes, I love octopus! It's so tasty!!
2 (25%)
No, it's disgusting, with all these tentacles and this alien-like moving...
1 (12%)
Yes. He has such a big dick...
2 (25%)
I love Paul!! It's my hero!! Viva España!!!
3 (37%)

Votes so far: 8

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sandeep. Man or... girl?

We all thought that our Indian friend Sandeep was a guy, right. Well, not all. Today Andrei arrived to the office and made a painful and horrific discovery. He probably became disturbed for the rest of his life (not much long if he end up committing suicide).

Sandeep was not there. At least he thought he was not. Instead, another presence was occupying the office... a female one. There was an Indian girl rather than his usual Indian friend (and not specially pretty, same as Sandeep). Andrei's eyes wide opened when he cried and ran as fast as he could thorough all CERN theoretical department.

Sometime after, he found Sandeep when he came with us to lunch to the Indian restaurant at midday. Obviously he was a man now. He changed sex. Again.

Andrei, puzzled, will never be the same person... maybe we should worry about his mental health from now. Well, he is a theoretical physicist so maybe we should worry about that anyway. Again...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Which is your super-power???

Today we were talking about the conversations we had long time ago about our friend's super-powers. The conversation came from the fact that I was feeling a bit like a banana ("aplatanado", in Spanish) and as I don't know the translation in English I tranlated the verb "to be bananed" directly to English. When you are bananed, you gain a strange super-power of being a bit apathetic and not in the mood of doing anything at all. Let's make a list:
  • Banana power: you are able to convert anything, even a happy and funny situation, in something without any interest at all
  • Monkey power (from Estebanito, he went to the doctor and told him "I have a problem I am like a Monkey" so Robin called him Monkeyman since then): when you are too long time typing in front of the computer and you cannot sit straight anymore
  • Confusion attack (also from Estebanito? o maybe from Pablito?): it's the power of being able to confuse everybody
  • Reflection attack: when you are able to reflect even the powerful Confusion attack so even the attacker gets confused
  • Hot&&cold super power: Andrei's power of being at the same time a cool and a hot guy
  • Hot||cold super power: Maikel's power of being hot when he is aside a girl and cool when he is aside a guy
  • Sandeep's Guessing super power: his proven ability of being able to correctly guess stuff like the nationality of hot girls or if a given guy is gay or not
And you?? Which is your super-power?? :) For sure I'm forgetting many!!!