Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lisbon gay striptease bar!

Maikel just came from Lisbon!! And he got back a t-shirt saying a joke in Portuguese that almost nobody gets from Pluto, the Disney character (in English: "Pluto is a son of a Pluta"). He might also bought other nice t-shirts like the one with the giraffe saying "Deep throat..." or the one of the male chicken with a saddle saying "Free cock rides".

While in Lisbon, one night he says he was working and not going out, other people (I repeat again, not him) went out looking for a typical Lisbon bar. A friend of a friend of them, told them about a nice pub to go in the center and they went there. The place was very promising, specially when they saw a very cute and pretty girl going out from there with few clothes, when they were entering the bar. Once inside, the show was... surprising. A tall guy dressed as a policeman was dancing slowly making a striptease in around the vertical central bar. Nobody even remembers the details of his policeman stick or how tight his clothes were. They say they stayed for long time in the bar because they think they heard by the speakers that the next stripteasers were supposed to be girls. Somehow they stayed there for some time but the girls did not appear. The following day everybody knows that someone was there but it was not clear who was in and who was just told about that...


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