Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forbidden to have relationships within the same enterprise in Switzerland!!!

Andrea sent me this amazing news about big enterprises forbidding relationships within the same enterprise... They say that if bosses notice them, they should take actions like moving them to separated offices or floors or even firing them!!!

If they did something like that at CERN... I guess there would be riots and suicides all around... There are very few girls here now but if they are not allowed to go out with CERN men, I guess they only solution these have is to become gay or even worst: to go out from CERN to meet people from Geneva... (yes, that possibility also exists, Maikels!!!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lactose Free Milk group has sneaked in the blog!!

Somehow Maikel was creating an official CERN Dancing Club facebook page and then the evil Lactose Free Milk group sneaked in instead, at the right side. He is still trying to get rid of it but is always coming back... stronger than a phoenix and more evil than Dr.Evil (Dr. Maligno, for the Spaniards). Maikel will have to use his blogger super powers to get rid of Lactose Free Milk!!! (he will do it tomorrow, today he feels a bit lazy).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spain won the world cup!!!

What??? You already knew?? How is that? Maybe it is because I was honking the horn all night as well as everybody else in Geneva that night? :D

PS: I know that happened already an eternity ago but I had to write it anyway :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul the German octopus was right!!!

For those without knowledge about the topic. There were dark histories about intelligent Spaniards, masters of the photoshop, modifying the photo of Paul choosing Spain as the winner of the semifinals of the World Cup

Then, the modified images and the truth showed up

But then he did a new prediction, and was consistent!! Spain won Germany!! And not only that. It also predicted the victory of Spain in the final match!!

And there is no photoshop there, you can even see the video!! (with Spanish fans cheering up!)

And Spain officially wants Paul to come to Spain. We love him!

Now everybody is buying Paul's t-shirts!!

And there is even a reggeton song about Paul!!!

There is even experimental evidence now that this octopus must be Spanish in some way. He even has an enormous dick!!!

FECALCOPROBOYS, your favourite group since now!!!

Marina (the girlfriend of the brother of the girlfriend of the friend of Maikel's girlfriend who is sleeping with the friend of Maikel's girlfriend although they are just friends) just made me discover this amazing group with amazing sounds and lyrics (like metal rock and voices only burping...). It will soon be your favourite group as well!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Spanish team is in semifinials!!!

0 - 1

Finally Spain won and is semifinalist in the World Cup for first time in history!!!

We have to say that the main protagonist of the match was not anyone of the players but this girl, larissa riquelme, who someone said promised to be shown naked in internet if Paraguay win the match. That made many Colombian friends of Maikel to be supporting Paraguay rather than Spain during all the match, shouting "Paraguay" and "Larissa" during all the match. Some of they conveniently started supporting Spain after they finally scored.

Pffff, what a painful and stressfull match we had to see!!! And next match will be this Wednesday against Germany!!!

Maikel was in a tango workshop!!

Beach, mountain and tango, a perfect holiday... This is what Maikel got during past week, when he was not spamming at all.

You should all envy him!!! Probably he got the most posh holidays he can imagine.

Now he is having a hard time trying to get back to work (reading emails, having coffee, you know... very hard).

- Italian beaches (at leasts the ones he saw) are much worst than the Spanish ones (of course, what would a Spanish guy say :-P). They were mostly composed of little stones, not sand, although of course the Italians said that this was just because by coincidence there was a big storm the week before and these stones were thrown there in that moment. Of course never before there was a stone seen there :D
- in the tango lessons there were much more girls than men!! (actually double!) (well, I have to add that most of them were more ladies than girls)