Friday, June 28, 2013

Suspicious labels and tags found at CERN

Today, Mikaela told Maikel something that he had not notice during all these years at CERN: labels.

In particular, she told him that the trees at CERN carry some mysterious metallic labels.

Maikel could not believe it, so he had to take a walk with her around Restaurant 1. There, in his astonishment, he found what he was looking for. And made some pictures for you. You should notice that such tags are put in the direction opposite to the restaurant, so they are difficult to been spotted unless if you are looking for them...

There is a dark legend behind these labels. Someone high in CERN management told Mikaela that there exists a hidden database where these "trees ID" are stored. For some unknown purpose. Everything here is identified, labeled and classified. Even the trees. And you.

After that discovery, he noticed something more... disturbing. Some of Maikel's gossip contacts sent him the following pictures, made somewhere at CERN as well:

These labels were strategically positioned... at the water dispensers at the same Restaurant 1. They keep waiting for some sleepy PhD who will press them by mistake. Luckily, it seems that nobody have yet pressed them... but... someone will eventually do... and then... WHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

PD: no need to panic, it seems evident that the CERN summer students have a nice sense of humor have just found a label marker. And some anti-matter. And some hatred for this corrupted world that must be destroyed! WHAHAHAHAHA!!

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