Thursday, September 30, 2010

Important news for nerds / frikis!!! (StarWars 3D!!!)

Sorry for the spoiler in the title but I needed to spread these news. They will make very happy to many nerds (and we all know that CERN is full of them!!!). I also have to say that the very very nerd ones, will surely feel disappointed, as they would prefer to stay with the classical versions that they already like a lot (or better I would say 'love' or even 'worship'.

So, in 2012 we will have 3D versions of all the movies, starting from I to VI. Let's wait for it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

All Greek CERN girls have boyfriend!!!

At least this is the impression that Maikel got after talking with Mikaela. Every single Greek girl at CERN he knew about has a boyfriend. Maikel even thinks that this fact reinforces his theory about that every pretty girl is born with boyfriend (or has just broken up with him).

These are very unfortunate (but I would say expected) news for most desperate CERN guys without couple, who are now looking for other nationalities. Is there any hope for them?? Fortunately, there are other girls at CERN apart from the Greek ones so the demonstrations and riots have not still begun. It is still safe to walk around here, at least for the time being...

Guess which one of the models is forbidden in Italy!!

One of the two models in the right is forbidden in fashion exhibition in Milano. Can you guess which one??

Of course, the allowed one is the skinny one of the left:

Somehow many Italian fashion stuff still think that men (and girls) prefers skinny & skeleton rather than plump & chubby ones :) Of course, at least at CERN, we prefer the non-skeleton ones!!! We don't want a thin stick or pole! We need something tender and soft to hug!! :D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bulgarian dances at CERN!!

As many of you know, this week have started the lessons of the CERN dancing club! Maikel has already gone to all existing courses except ballroom dances, where he is has been inscribed this year. Well, he also did never inscribe into oriental belly dances, although he had the chance and he was told that there were many women therehat has not been totally understood yet.

This Friday evening, there will be free lessons of Bulgarian folk dances at CERN, these dances where guys and girls dance in a line, very funny and energetic. Details at

Maikel and other friends said they will join. Definitively you cannot loose it or you will regret it all your life (short, as many people say we will destroy the world soon, or at least just the Vatican :D).

PS: of course, the part of destroying the world is a joke
PS2: I would never do that, you know, right? RIGHT?
PS3: yes, I hope you really know that and think that I'm a cool and nice person. On the contrary...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Africa they don't want to eat popo!!!

Some friend sent me this interesting video about politics

there, somewhere in Uganda they are having a meeting to explain people how disgusting is the permissive politics about homosexuality that Obama is having now in US and why it should never reach Africa... Amazing how much that guy knows about politics :)

PS: did you really expected anything better about me, talking about politics???

Monday, September 6, 2010

Maikel is in Spain!!

There are rumours that point to the most beautiful city in the world (Benidorm, of course). Maikel might be hidden there enjoying the 30 degrees and the beach and the (5!!) theme parks that are around. Everybody is envying him, while they freez in bloody Geneva watching the gray sky and sad faces... Be careful, girls!! in Benidorm you might find "Johnny Melenas, el Terror de las Nenas"!!!

In 2.5 days he is there, he has been seen in a night party till 4am, drinking alcohol, in the Terra Natura zoo, the Aqua Natura aquapark and at the beach.

There are also rumours about him having had an important look change cutting very short his hair... Be careful!! He might be difficult to recognize now!! His female fans might have problems to find him now!!