Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dual toilets in China!!!

Fidel sent me this horrible disgusting report about a real dual toilet existing in one airport in China...

I remember these ancient times when I joked with Valentina about my great idea of having dual toilets where couples of lovers could talk freely about their feelings while releasing themselves from the heavy stuff filling their inside. With nice conversations, ending all in "plof - plof"...

PS: in my joke, the lovers would sit back-to-back, so they can hear but not see each other. This Chinese version where you can even see the other person is... disgusting!! And they even say in the report that it is a mixed toilet, where in principle men and women shit together!!

PS2: I was very tempted but I will not make a poll for the time being asking about if you would use such a dual toilet :D Not even I would use it!!!

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