Thursday, September 5, 2013

Penis found in data from LHC accelerator at CERN when looking for super-symmetry!!!

Our worst fears have been confirmed. The Japanese scientist Sho Iwamoto was analyzing data from our beloved detector experiments at the LHC CERN's accelerator. He was just doing the harmless typical thing of studying the muon g-2 anomaly, trying to discover the super-symmetry theory. As usual in super-symmetry, he found absolutely nothing, so he did not make any astonishing breathtaking discovery. Therefore, sad and defeated, he just proceeded to write down in a plot the exclusion range, so others know where else they should NOT look for super-symmetry. Then, his eyes opened wide, looking at the picture he just had in front of him. He probably should have thought that science was just making fun of him :D

Some time later, he presented his results in the following paper.

After some time, Maikel's friend Joel went to a physics conference, in particular to SUSY 2013 at ICTP, in Trieste (Italy). Him, and all the rest of the important scientists attending, could do nothing but just watch at the sexual pictures shown by this scientist at the conference. Of course, everybody was polite enough to not to stop the conference in hilarious laugh. Joel's whole story was told in his blog so future generations can suffer as well from his experiences.

Well, the truth is that  we could have expected this after having found penis even in Mars...

 Finally, I guess I cannot end this blog post without one of the typical science memes about anthropology...