Thursday, January 6, 2011

CERN finally hiring new scientists!!!

Maria Elena did an amazing discovery at the end of December, right before CERN's xmas shutdown break. She took the photo you can see in this post.

As people was starting going on vacation for xmas holidays, other 'scientists' were arriving CERN, meant to replace them... Unfortunately, many CERN workers will arrive back from vacation and will find the letter on their desk, telling them that they are fired, replaced by far more productive scientists, meant to discover Higgs, extra dimensions and the answer for life, universe and everything.

Someone pointed out that these new scientists look a bit weird. Like sheep. But it's ok, everybody here knows that CERN workers are typically a bit nerd / geek / weird anyway :D

What we don't know is the reason for this. Maybe the CERN member states think that CERN got a low research productivity and want to increase it with the talent of these sheep? Maybe it's a joke for all of us, telling us that even a sheep is more intelligent than us, with our PhDs and stuff? Maybe the reason is just that CERN ran out of budget and now is growing sheep, as they think that the future of CERN will not be in science but in farming??? The only thing we can do is to wait, outside our old offices, looking at the sheep... and thinking about our future, and the extra dimensions...

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  1. @Marek: the photo is real, is not photoshoped :D I think I can even recognize the area: that is the small roundabout close to entrance B . Actually this is not the first time I saw sheep at CERN; I also saw them several times around Restaurant 2 or the firemen building

    @Eleni: just discovered Higgs :) The car you see there, is slowed down by the sheep, which concentrate around it... This "sheep field" is actually making the car to behave like if it acquired mass!! The sheep are the Higgs!!! We finally found the Higgs!!! (maybe this requires a totally new topic)