Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New CULO poll!!

What kind of feelings does the word CULO bring up to your mind?? Funny? Disgusting? Don't give a shit? ;-) Just reply to the post!!

PS: yes, I know, I ran out of ideas about what to write this week but anyway I found this topic funny :)

CMS Control Room discovered the gossip blog!!!

Mikaela and Mikaela (shift leader and DQM shifter) just discovered by chance this gossip blog, while Maikel was having coffee with them and Mikaela. Now the CMS Control Room screens start turning pink while people is bored without StableBeams and is looking for some gossips...

Ashes from the volcano from Geneva???

It looks like at CERN we didn't realize about anything (you know, lonely boring physicists with white coats in offices without windows :D) but looks like the volcano ashes were visible from the lake!!!

The whole set of amazing photos are at

LinkPS: thanks to Ines for them :)

Eli's got a new blog!!

about board games (in Spanish)

She also has a poll about how much you like the first game she talks about (Settlers of Cathan). She expects contributions, comments and votations!!

PS: I'm still waiting for Eleni's blog to go to production :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maikel finally got an "office"!!

Well, not really an office, but access to the huge open space in building 510... So, Maikel's new office is ~ the size of all the B40 cafeteria and looks like a huge classroom! They told him it's the place where students, coming for very short time, are assigned.

He asked at the secretary in which position of the waiting list he is, after 1 year and 2 months waiting for an office. He got removed from the list! Again! It's the third time that he gets inscribed in there... Now he is back at the bottom of the list again. When asked about a time estimate of when he will get a real office they said that in one year from now, the new building aside B40 will be opened and then he might get an office there. That will be > 2 years after he asked for an office for the first time... So disappointing...

He is starting to believe that the Epsilon team is probably behind all this...

PS: what you all don't know is that the new building aside B40 is the building created specially for Maikel and his slaves, to compensate for all this disappoint. Maikel will get his revenge by enjoying torturing his male slaves and inviting to coffee to the female ones :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Elenas coming to CERN this weekend :(

A volcano with unpronounceable name

is responsible of "all European airports closed"

Note that for BBC it seems that Africa starts below France... all Spanish Airports (and Greek, Bulgarian & Turkish) are ok!!!

We hope our 2 missing Spanish Elenas will be able to come soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lna is ALSO arriving CERN this weekend!

Just read on facebook that she is arriving today. Of course I already updated the carpe-diem calendar :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

M.Elena arrives to CERN this weekend!!

She will arrive on Saturday (don't know when she will leave). Let's make plans for this weekend!!

Maikel is a "panzoncito"!!!

It is public. Maikel cannot hide it. He is fat (well, just a bit plump). He has already a little belly ("panza"). The R2 cafeteria cashier has told him (laughing) while inviting for coffee in front of the other Maikels that he is a... PANZONCITO :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cully (not Culo) jazz festival

Cristina sent it to the list

Dirk suggested to go during the week. We should also try to go by train. We passed by on Sunday night and it was impossible to find a parking place.

Official apologies to Evi!! (who found a flat)

She was very disgusted with Maikel's doubts regarding her... you-know-what. Then, Maikel and Mikaela have granted her with official Naked apologies from the blog! She turned out to be a nice and pretty girl, and what Maikel invented after seeing the tiny image from the chat when they first met was a very unfortunate event that we all wish will never be repeated. The you-know-what of Mikaela is totally clear now and nobody has doubts about it. Anyway, does anyone ever takes seriously any news from Maikel??

PS: in unrelated news, we are proud of giving a totally un-official announcement: she has found a flat in Meyrin!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Monica wants the links of Juan and Eleni's blogs!!

Uuuuuuuuuuuuh!!! Why would she want that stuff??? Is she curious, is she mad, does she really knows what she is facing??? XD

(by the way, the fact that Eleni has a blog is top secret, don't tell anyone; it's still in Beta and she is writing there like crazy but she does not want anyone to know it... shit!! I did it again!!)

Andrea's birthday is today!!! (Jonatan's one was also this week!)

Everybody (except Maikel) knew about Jonatan's birthday this week.

But only the chosen ones knew about Andrea's one :) Happy birthday Andrea!

...and, of course... happy birthday Jonatan!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eleni's friend is here!!!

Nobody knows her name nor her face. Her name on facebook is "Pinkfloyd". Someone today said that probably she is married and is the wife of one of the Pinkfloyd members. The gossip is spreading. In the facebook photo you can see her from very far away, from a side, and with sunglasses, so it would be almost impossible to recognise her. Someone even said that maybe she is a man. Or maybe she just changed sex. Again. Who knows the truth...

Anyway, she is already working at CERN and she is looking for a flat. She wants to meet strong and handsome maikels to help her, and nice mikaelas to talk about girlish topics. Please, help her! We will meet for merienda one of these days. For lunch, she already met 2 handsome guys with whom she is going to lunch. You maikels already lost your opportunity for first contact...

New toilet poll!! (Electronic toilets?)

Would you like to use one of these electronic toilets at home? :D I saw one the other day in a shop and it looked so cool... with all these buttons to automatically throw hot water to your culito and to dry it later with warm wind and so on. The person who was with me said that it is quite disgusting and seems very anti-hygienic :-P

What do YOU think??

Whatever happened to the weekly 'culo' polls?

The title says it all.