Friday, January 29, 2010

Newcomer needs you

Hi to all M&M's!
In April a friend will go to cern and stay for one year (technical student).
If any of you knows anything about any place that she could rent, preferably on the swiss side, pleaz let me know.


At Cern is snowing like Hell

All is covered with not very 'spunny' white stuff. It is going to be a real fun to drive tonight!!! :D

Hey, that's Spunny!!

Maikel invented today a new word:

Spanish + Funny = Spunny !!!

PS: talking with Alberto also thought about another great one (in Spanish):
Mariquitas + Esquiadores = Mariquiadores

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Norbert proposes something

Yeah, he proposed to go out for drinks tonight Thursday. Luisfer and a couple of friends of them will join.

From us, only Juan and Eli showed some indifference... (this means that nobody else replied so Norbert might get a nice surprise... or not)

PS: Fidel loved that Juanada in Spanish:
- Fidel: quienes vienen?
- Juan: de momento tu eres el unico que ha mostrado cierta indiferencia...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fake entrance

I have received this video claiming to be from a backdoor CERN entrance, where the guards are very... kind to the newcomers to CERN...

Don't get fooled, it is a fake. CERN does not have that backdoor. It is actually a club from a famous movie.

PS: I know what are you thinking but that is neither the entrance from the CERN dancing club, and they are not dancing tango in that video (although it looks like). You can come safely to the dancing club.
PS2: idea partially from Estebanito and Marek.

CERN sexy dancing scientists

Someone has discovered this video about known CERN sexy scientists dancing.

PS: some female viewer of the video already said that she will not be able to sleep after this...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Poster 4 ur office

I decided to post our recent demotivator here as well... Let's hope it becomes obsolete in a couple of weeks but nobody says we can't use it as a reminder :p


Maikel just learned that new word on Saturday's party and was making fun of it all the night, explaining it to everybody :D

PS: I didn't believe the meaning you told me so I went to look for it in
wikipedia... Shit, I cannot believe that they even have a picture of it, in case you are too lazy to read the text...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maikel got drunk!!!

There are some rumors about Maikel getting drunk at Jose's party this Friday night... some people say he drank one Cachaça chupito, others say he drunk 4, and finally he needed a ride home... Is that really true or just a worldwide complot against him??

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jose's party at B13 tonight!!

There are rumours about Jose (the Brazilian) leaving CERN forever soon, so there would be a farewell party at B13 tonight... Maikel and his friends are said to be invited.

Weina is now leaving CERN forever :(

but will come back again in in March :)

She got problems with the navette going to the airport which does not exist anymore :-P (Surely Eli sent an email explaining that but we didn't read it because the subject was not related to naked models) Anyway, she finally got a ride and is right now going there.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Maikel's PhD birthday is today!!!

Herta just reminded me that today my little PhD is already 2 years old. It had a difficult and long birth, many people thought that maybe it would never be born, but finally it was a total success. It even had a weight of 191 pages, what is not that bad for a Spanish baby like him. Long life to the little PhD! Here are some pics taken shortly after the birth:

Luis birthday is today!!!

Don't forget to congratulate him (we are talking about the Maikel who lives with Maikel, not Giant Luis nor LuisFer nor any other of the many Luises around).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

lunch 12:45 R2

I heard that Luisfer proposed to go lunch at 12:45 to R2 so I just write it here for fun :D

PS: I'm in

Rumour has it...

Rumour has it...

Yesterday night, some maikels were... Well... You know... Let's say "maikelizing" out of CERN... The question is that hey finally maikelized successfully... Know what I mean? (Nudge, nudge...)...

And remember, this information is off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weina is at CERN!!!

There are some rumors about that Weina is here at CERN, although only till the end of the week. Some Maikels have seen her :D


Blog created!!!

In this funny newly created blog we (Maikels & Mikaelas) plan to post gossips and news related to CERN and science in general.

Just try to not to be very specific with people in general so nobody gets really affected. Remember: "everybody is Maikel!!"


PD: Gossips in languages other than English are also accepted. Cotilleos en español también están aceptados :)