Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First collisions today!!!

and I'm at the CMS control room!! You can follow here



First collisions are expected at around 12h30! (I don't really believe it, they always get delayed :-P)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 TeV Media Event!!!

There will be an official "7 TeV collisions Big Media Event" on March 30 (next Tuesday) at CERN. Hundreds of journalists will come here by that date and we will have 3.5 x 3.5 TeV collisions!

Official link:

Official ATLAS news:
As many of you already know, CERN is planning for 3.5 + 3.5 TeV collisions on 30 March 2010. To witness this event, CERN has invited several hundred journalists to be present on the CERN site. A wide media coverage similar to September 2008 is expected.

More at atlas.ch & cms.cern.ch

PS: only sub-system experts will probably be allowed (and will be requested to be) at the control room of CMS... that means that Maikel has to be there.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maikel's weekend

Hey dudes!!
I'm so envyous that I can't enjoy Maikel's weekend with you!!!
I will be in Italy for a conference..
Please Fid, enjoy carpediem como se merece!! ;))
Many hugs!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New toilet poll!!

"When sat the toilet, do you totally get down your pants or only till the knees?"

You have 10 days to vote!!

PS: I got the idea in a conversation with Valentina and Lna (of course, while eating something).

Naked CERN / carpe-diem on-line calendar


I have a suggestion to improve your blog.
You should make a gmail calendar with the activities related to carpe-diem and embed it in your blog, for instance on the left side.
If it is not possible to embed it, you can at least include a link to it.
With gmail on-line calendar, you can make it so that we can add the carpe-diem calendar to our own gmail account, so as to see the events together with our other calendars (private, meetings, or whatever other calendars you have). It is also possible to give permission to people with a gmail account to add events to the carpe-diem calendar.

Events that could be added to the calendar include:
- Birthdays of carpe-diem'ers
- Dinners, outings, etc
- Keep people informed of when Weina, Valentina, LNA, Solarin or other part-time visitors will be around. Or visitors, such as Fidel, Pablito and company. Or when Marijana will be in town.
Otherwise it is not always easy to surf the spam to find dates for this kind of things.
- Special events (such as job fairs, cultural events, dinners we are planning, etc).
- MCCM evenings
- For events that require a doodle, a link to the poll could be included in the exact day of the calendar.
- We could also include the events from young@cern in the calendar.


Well, in fact I have already created the calendar. Maikel, you can investigate later how to add it to the blog. I have added most of carpe-diem members with a gmail account.
If somebody is missing, just tell me. Everybody* has permission to create and delete events. Just don't delete an event you have not created :D

*Everybody means every carpe-diem member whom I have sent an invitation. This is not a public calendar. Outsiders cannot manage or see the calendar.

Below is just a test of embedding the calendar in the post, but it doesn't look so well. Maybe Maikel can find out how to embed it in the margin, so it is always visible.
In any case, here is the link to the calendar so you
Hope this will become a useful tool.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rock'n roll party this Saturday night!


15 euros (dinner with pizza included). Laurence told me that she will go at 20h30. The place is in Prevessin so you need a car (or someone with car like Juan...).

Virginia's poster for Woman's day :)


PS: By the way, today is her birthday ;-)

Salon auto 2010


I think that current best proposal (Cristina) is to go on this Saturday morning (by bus, of course).

Forum emploi Geneve

Tomorrow finishes the job employment fair in Geneva. Anyone is finally going?


Monday, March 8, 2010

Weina's new look at CERN!!

Weina got caught by the paparazzi cameras from Naked CERN while in the control room:


We can see from the photo that she has a new and fashion haircut including dark curly hair. She also goes to the job with a new dressing style including a cute dark green sweater.

She came back to CERN for three weeks, ready to let CERN men to fall into her fishing net and to let CERN women envious about her style. Be aware!

International Women's day gossips!!!

Merry Christmas!! I mean... happy international Women's day!! (to all girls, not to the men, of course, not even to effeminate ones. Mmm, there is no Men's day now that I think about it... well, except in Russia).

ATLAS news: "today all CERN experiments and accelerators are primarily operated by women. Go to: http://cern.ch/internationalwomensday for live images coming from all control rooms."

CMS news: "to highlight the key role played by the 588 women scientists
currently in CMS, 32 of the 34 main shifts needed to run our experiment
will be covered by women scientists of the Collaboration."

Interview to Isabel: http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1246812

Pablito's birthday: is today, although it does not mean that he changed sex or became effeminate.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Japan Impact

This weekend, at EPFL Lausanne, everything related to Japanese culture, food, anime, manga, cosoplay, even there will be a manga drawing course, Japanese language course, games, ...


And Maikel is going to miss it!

This could be useful for Luisfer, Vale or Alberto Ocampo, who will be soon going to Japan. And I guess it could also be useful if Consuelo *finally* did her presentation about her trip to Japan last year in the MCCM anytime soon!