Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CERN people comes out of the closet!!!

Something unexpected happened at CERN. Something that could have been a total revolution 20 years ago. And it is not the discovery of Higgs boson, super-symmetry or extra-dimensions!!!

The LGBT CERN social group has sent facebook messages, emails and even flyers and posters with publicity about their community at CERN. They even announced a public meeting at R1 where they will see each other's faces and will chat. And yes, for the ones who doesn't know the acronym, like Maikel, and who didn't get any tip from the group's logo colors, like Maikel, it does not stand for some strange and nerd physicists / mathematicians words that you'll need years of study to understand (or maybe not). It stands simply for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

And, for the ones who didn't know, this courageous fact of not being ashamed of oneself and declare the orientation to everyone is called in French and Spanish: "to come out of the closet" :) Till today, everyone suspected that the closets at CERN were quite full, but nobody dared to say anything about that. Finally it seems that the time has come! We are not anymore in the Middle Age, you know. And, apart from working at CERN, we are not so stupid either. Well, actually everyone sees these announcements so normal that nobody gives much importance to this meeting (and you know you should apply a correction factor of at least 1/10 to everything Maikel says).

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Duck Conspiracy...

Today at the CMS control room, Maikel did a funny discovery: they have one little cute rubber duck in the DAQ (Data Acquisition system) shifter desktop console. After some very hard thinking and the heavy use of his only neuron, he realized that it is some kind of words joke with DAQ and 'duck' :)

When he asked about the history of that duck, someone told him that they have it there "just because ATLAS also has ducks in their DAQ shifter console". Actually, Maikel found out that in ATLAS they have not one little duck but a whole big family of them, with different kinds and sizes!! I guess someone got jealous and, as he/she could not steal one of ATLAS because he could not get permission to enter into the control room, he/she just bought a little one for CMS.

When talking about that, Maikel heard horrible rumors about The Duck Conspiracy. People in CMS is planning a secret sneak intrusion in the ATLAS control room. The target would be to kidnap one of their little ducks. Then, they would bring it to CMS control room and would chain it somewhere where the webcams can see it. Finally, they will try to blackmail ATLAS showing them the little prisoner duck from the cams, asking to stop recording luminosity or other horrible things like that. ATLAS people!! Be aware of that!! I'm telling this information risking my life!!!

Apart from that, I heard that this fact of having ducks in the DAQ consoles is actually a long standing tradition. They also have them at Fermilab DØ experiment control room since many years before ATLAS existed. I would have to make a deepest research to find out the origins of this yellow rubber tradition. Maybe the ancient Greeks also had rubber ducks in their accelerator control rooms??? Only a expensive research with a worldwide collaboration will be able to discover that...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NASA conference on Astrobiology Discovery!!!

Yeah, NASA and CERN is not the same, I know, but Fidel told me about these interesting NASA news for us.

Textually, "NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life." It will be broadcast live on the NASA website.

They don't clarify which is the important finding that will impact so much our lives. I fear the worst. They might have found intelligent life anywhere... Probably, after so many years looking for it on Earth, they were not able to find any intelligence in the life here, specially at CERN, and then they started looking at the stars... Or, who knows, maybe it's just the opposite. Maybe they just found other ones like us, to go to have parties and get drunk, without any intelligence at all. That would be fun!

Monday, November 29, 2010

CERN has 3 DGs!!! (poll about CERN toilets)

In my last poll about CERN toilets, we made a fatal discovery: CERN has 3 Director Generals!!! Or it might be also that he voted 3 times!!! Or maybe someone (mean) voted saying that he/she was the DG???

Of course this fact points out that at least one of the following sentences is true:
  • the toilets used by CERN DG are always very clean (not like the one Maikel used past week...)
  • there is mean people that is not sincere with what they vote in the blog!!
  • people coming to vote to the blog is just having fun and voting nonsense :D
The poll also discovered that there is at CERN one worker that is a robot!!! And not only that, this robot thinks that all other CERN workers are also robots... Poor little robot... so innocent... or not?? Can anyone of you prove that you are NOT a robot???

Ok, the results of the poll were:

What do you think about CERN toilets??
They are quite ok, I've shit in worse places
4 (28%)
Somehow they make me shit antimatter
5 (35%)
I like them (and they are individual, not double)
2 (14%)
Horrible, dirty, unhealthy, insane
3 (21%)
I like them. They're clean and perfect (I'm CERN's DG)
3 (21%)
Toilets?? What are these?? Why do you need them to shit?
1 (7%)
I don't use them, I'm a robot. Aren't you also one?
1 (7%)
Don't know. We don't have in my building. We do that outside with the cows and the sheeps.
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 14
Poll closed

Gordon Freeman spotted at CERN... AGAIN!!!

You can see that the end of the world is coming...

I already warned about Gordon Freeman being spotted at CERN (http://nakedcern.blogspot.com/2010/10/gordon-freeman-spotted-at-cern.html).

Now, Piero has discovered the following photo of him trying to kill one of these little monsters coming from the parallel dimension world of Xen. He screwed up with the latest Heavy Ion collisions and now is trying to kill the little monsters hoping that nobody will notice!!! No luck, these photos prove that they are already among us...

Well, some people already pointed out that the monsters are not so ugly. Compared with CERN boys and girls, they are actually even cute... mmm, I think I'm falling in love... Uuuuuuuuuh!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

ET's resurrection!!!!

Something happened to one of Maikel's friends. One day, something appeared like going out from her hair. Most people just thought that she started mutating into something weird. That is a very well known secondary effect of being physicist, specially if you have ever been at CERN. But this time was different. Someone positively identified the strange shape on top of her head as being... ET's hand!!!!

Then, we were wondering how is possible that we get news from ET so long time after its first movie. Now it all makes sense. We all thought that it went back to its planet. But the truth is much darker. Eventually, the spaceship had a problem and ET fell down to Earth again. And now all indicates that it went into Esther's head!!! Finally, after many years of hard work, he is managing to escape and already has a hand out. Good work, ET!! Keep going!!! Soon, this will become the second movie: "ET 2. Resurrection."

But someone else pointed out that ET is probably dead since long time ago. It could not survive so long without food and whatever it needs... So, if this is its hand. This means that it is a zombie!!! It is hard to think about that but our dear ET has become a zombie!! And after eating Esther's brain, finally is managing to escape from the hair prison and will spread the terror all around the world!!!

Only CERN's LHC can save us. We are already pointing our anti-matter beams to the hair prison but unfortunately we could only produce 38 anti-atoms so we could only scratch ET.... We will try to do it better next time!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

CERN dark secret!!!

Today Maikel wanted to try out the toilet in front of his new office in building 10 (yes!!! after 2 years of contract, finally he got an office!! he shares it with other 5 people but still is better than nothing!!). When he entered into the restroom, he made a fatal discovery. That CERN toilet smells like shit. And he swears it was not his fault. The smell was abnormally unhealthy. Like... some physics... shit... Then, he realizes that right aside is LEIR, the anti-matter ring (where first anti-matter atoms were ever created by mankind). Finally, wondering about how do these machines get the anti-matter (with the help of Valentina's insane intelligence), everything made sense: CERN physicists shit anti-matter and that is the fuel used for the accelerators!!!! That is the "dark" secret of CERN!!! And of course, that also solves the mystery about why CERN's restaurants food is so awful!!! We surely have been eating something unusual to be able to shit antimatter!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maikel is in the CMS news!!!

Once again, Maikel got famous and was in the CMS official electronic newspaper!!


The article is nice and he is very proud of it but some people has noticed that the picture does not seem very natural and there are suspicions of having some photoshop on it... Who knows if some hacker could have added his picture!!

Anyway, the CERN lovers of the gossip can finally know the faces of the people who works with Maikel. Now they can put faces to these people and imagine the most funny and unbelievable gossips about all of them!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dancing Club Halloween party!!!


Rumors say that there will be a Dancing Club Halloween party somewhere around CERN this Friday night. Club members and their friends are invited to such scary event...

And it will be really scary. There will be no monsters, witches nor zombies (just people disguised as such). But... you will see... DANCING PEOPLE!!! Run for your life before the rock'n roll starts shaking your legs and tango makes you slide around the floor, while salsa and chachacha tries to move your cu-cu!!

I definitively would not go if I was you.

In such case, there will be more girls and drinks for me, of course. Mmm, but if I was you and not me, would I really worry about me?? mmm, ok, let's go back to work and stop thinking so much. What was I doing... Ah, I know, I was working on the CERN plan for destroying the world, or at least the Vatican...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Official CERN article by Virginia!!!

Yes, she worked on an official CERN article!!


It's not so much surprising, as we all knew that she is official member of TOTEM outreach and she is also publishing science-related articles in many Italian media (yeah, she always says I don't listen but actually I do!!)

Congratulations, Virginia!!

By the way, Fidel noticed that this important TOTEM scientist receiving the award is also an important politician in his country (a member of the parliament). We are ashamed that instead in Spain our politicians wear fake magical / magnetic / ionized bracelets believing in their powers...
For instance, here and here you see the current Spanish Ministry of Health :(

PS: I got Virginia's photo from google images. Actually that one was in the news for CERN Women's day celebrations.

Gordon Freeman spotted at CERN!!!

What?? You don't know who is Gordon Freeman?? I guess you work at CERN by mistake because you are not nerd enough as you did not play Half Life in your life :)

In that computer game, Gordon Freeman arrives late for work at the Black Mesa Research Facility, using its tram system. He suits on his HEV suit before proceeding to the test chamber of the Anomalous Materials Lab, to assist in an experiment. He is tasked with pushing a non-standard specimen into the scanning beam of the Anti-Mass Spectrometer for analysis. This creates a catastrophe called a "resonance cascade, opening a portal between Earth and a dimension called Xen.

We hope that Freeman didn't come to CERN to screw it up again!!! XD

PS: I must give credit to Fernando for providing me such important photograph

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

R1 vs R2... superheroes FIGHT!!!

During past days some unexpected super-event happened at CERN, and many people did not even noticed it. Someone in a group of friends decided to create a poll to discuss the never-ending debate about if going to lunch to R1 or R2. The results of the poll were totally unexpected.

Many well known (and not so well known) super heroes voted there!!!

Unfortunately, most of them went somewhere else than to R1 or R2 or went disguised so they were unnoticed.

Strangely, the day after, another mysterious poll appeared. And this time many other superheroes voted!!

We got few conclusions from that.
  • First, probably Virginia is dating spiderman!!!
  • Second, Jorge may be spiderman or may know him!!!
  • Third, there was a more than probable sabotage of the votations!!!
In the other hand, today there was a big female fight between Virginia and Eli for going to R1 or R2. Finally Eli won because of the non show up of her opponent (had to go to P5 in a hurry, probably to have lunch with Spiderman in the Carrefour restaurant).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New poll about white hair!!

Yes, CERN people also has white hair sometimes. I was just wondering where...

Where do you have it, if any??? :)

Poll closed about what to read in a bar!

When one of the last days of Diego at Cern, we were discussing at R1 about what would could we read in a night bar. Let's continue reading to understand what could lead to such stupid poll.

His point was that if you see a person alone smoking then that is totally normal, while if that person is alone doing anything else, everybody would think he/she is a freak and a very weird person.

I said, that I disagree because if that person was alone just reading anything, I would consider him/her normal. And then he said "what about if the place is not just a park but a night bar???". Then, in a bar, nobody would care if that person is alone smoking but they would freak out if they see that person alone reading.

After my question of what would he do if anyway he had to read anything, he said that probably the most normal thing would be to read a porn magazine there...

I'll just write people's replies to the poll in the comments!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Important news for nerds / frikis!!! (StarWars 3D!!!)

Sorry for the spoiler in the title but I needed to spread these news. They will make very happy to many nerds (and we all know that CERN is full of them!!!). I also have to say that the very very nerd ones, will surely feel disappointed, as they would prefer to stay with the classical versions that they already like a lot (or better I would say 'love' or even 'worship'.


So, in 2012 we will have 3D versions of all the movies, starting from I to VI. Let's wait for it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

All Greek CERN girls have boyfriend!!!

At least this is the impression that Maikel got after talking with Mikaela. Every single Greek girl at CERN he knew about has a boyfriend. Maikel even thinks that this fact reinforces his theory about that every pretty girl is born with boyfriend (or has just broken up with him).

These are very unfortunate (but I would say expected) news for most desperate CERN guys without couple, who are now looking for other nationalities. Is there any hope for them?? Fortunately, there are other girls at CERN apart from the Greek ones so the demonstrations and riots have not still begun. It is still safe to walk around here, at least for the time being...

Guess which one of the models is forbidden in Italy!!

One of the two models in the right is forbidden in fashion exhibition in Milano. Can you guess which one??

Of course, the allowed one is the skinny one of the left:

Somehow many Italian fashion stuff still think that men (and girls) prefers skinny & skeleton rather than plump & chubby ones :) Of course, at least at CERN, we prefer the non-skeleton ones!!! We don't want a thin stick or pole! We need something tender and soft to hug!! :D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bulgarian dances at CERN!!

As many of you know, this week have started the lessons of the CERN dancing club! Maikel has already gone to all existing courses except ballroom dances, where he is has been inscribed this year. Well, he also did never inscribe into oriental belly dances, although he had the chance and he was told that there were many women therehat has not been totally understood yet.

This Friday evening, there will be free lessons of Bulgarian folk dances at CERN, these dances where guys and girls dance in a line, very funny and energetic. Details at

Maikel and other friends said they will join. Definitively you cannot loose it or you will regret it all your life (short, as many people say we will destroy the world soon, or at least just the Vatican :D).

PS: of course, the part of destroying the world is a joke
PS2: I would never do that, you know, right? RIGHT?
PS3: yes, I hope you really know that and think that I'm a cool and nice person. On the contrary...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Africa they don't want to eat popo!!!

Some friend sent me this interesting video about politics

there, somewhere in Uganda they are having a meeting to explain people how disgusting is the permissive politics about homosexuality that Obama is having now in US and why it should never reach Africa... Amazing how much that guy knows about politics :)

PS: did you really expected anything better about me, talking about politics???

Monday, September 6, 2010

Maikel is in Spain!!

There are rumours that point to the most beautiful city in the world (Benidorm, of course). Maikel might be hidden there enjoying the 30 degrees and the beach and the (5!!) theme parks that are around. Everybody is envying him, while they freez in bloody Geneva watching the gray sky and sad faces... Be careful, girls!! in Benidorm you might find "Johnny Melenas, el Terror de las Nenas"!!!

In 2.5 days he is there, he has been seen in a night party till 4am, drinking alcohol, in the Terra Natura zoo, the Aqua Natura aquapark and at the beach.

There are also rumours about him having had an important look change cutting very short his hair... Be careful!! He might be difficult to recognize now!! His female fans might have problems to find him now!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Slang poll!! What is a "tarzanito"??

Not even everybody in Spain knows that. I also looked for it in a slang English dictionary and they also use the same one!

When Pablito told me about that the firs time, I was so... surprised... Ok, I will not give any more hints! But I promise a picture of it when the poll is over!! (I already found one XD)

LHC is doing trenecitos!!

If you are attending meetings at CERN recently, you probably have noticed that very often LHC people is doing things called something like bunch train injection studies. There are even gossips about little trains of heavy ion runs. People who does not understand what that mean, would maybe think that they are doing "trenecitos". Probably you already know about these if you voted in the past blog :)

Don't be scared! I don't think they will be really doing that things! It's probably something scientific and cool. Probably LHC people is enjoying them a lot so the cannot be that bad!! Just join the train!!

PS: I attach a photo of a real trenecito. It is amazing that it is a real photo shown in the Japanese wikipedia and that you find it looking for trenecitos in google images...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camilo uses pyjamas!!

and these are very bad news. While having a coffee with him, Monica, Stefano and a mysterious Italian Mikaela who doesn't want people to know her real name, someone suggested to post in this blog real photos of naked Maikels/Mikaelas.

The first victim should be Camilo. It has already been decided. If we cannot have Isabel to share her private photos of him then we might have a problem. In addition, Camilo declared that he ALWAYS uses pyjamas so it is impossible that anyone ever in life took a photo of him naked. Monica suspects that this implies that he does not sleep at all, making such photo impossible. Maybe Camilo's super-power is the impossibility of seeing him naked.

Luckily, the mysterious Italian Mikaela said he can use photoshop and volunteered to make a tentative naked photo of Camilo.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you know who is Maikel Yason???

Somehow (while looking for something else) I found by chance the following Spanish web site


I have to say that I had a hard time to try to guess who is this Maikel Yason guy they talk about... and then I noticed the photo!!! (Really, there is Spanish people who don't know much about writing in English, I guess...).

PS: apologies for not writing about CERN gossips but this official gossip about Maikel needed to be said

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slang poll!! What is a "trenecito"??

I just thought it would be funny to write stories about funny slang in English and Spanish so I start with this one.

Some weeks ago, Toni was telling everybody in his office about the Spanish slang word "trenecito" (meaning literally "little train"). Everybody was wondering what trenecito means and why it was so funny for him but finally they discovered it. Please, help voting in the poll at the right to check how good you are in Spanish slang!! For sure you will be surprised XD

Friday, August 13, 2010

Poll about Paul the Octopus is closed!

And I forgot to announce it :P I guess this probably why there were so few votes (8). I'm surprised that there are 2 votes for Paul regarding people who like his big dick... Results are:

Do you like Paul the Octopus?

Yes, I love octopus! It's so tasty!!
2 (25%)
No, it's disgusting, with all these tentacles and this alien-like moving...
1 (12%)
Yes. He has such a big dick...
2 (25%)
I love Paul!! It's my hero!! Viva España!!!
3 (37%)

Votes so far: 8

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sandeep. Man or... girl?

We all thought that our Indian friend Sandeep was a guy, right. Well, not all. Today Andrei arrived to the office and made a painful and horrific discovery. He probably became disturbed for the rest of his life (not much long if he end up committing suicide).

Sandeep was not there. At least he thought he was not. Instead, another presence was occupying the office... a female one. There was an Indian girl rather than his usual Indian friend (and not specially pretty, same as Sandeep). Andrei's eyes wide opened when he cried and ran as fast as he could thorough all CERN theoretical department.

Sometime after, he found Sandeep when he came with us to lunch to the Indian restaurant at midday. Obviously he was a man now. He changed sex. Again.

Andrei, puzzled, will never be the same person... maybe we should worry about his mental health from now. Well, he is a theoretical physicist so maybe we should worry about that anyway. Again...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Which is your super-power???

Today we were talking about the conversations we had long time ago about our friend's super-powers. The conversation came from the fact that I was feeling a bit like a banana ("aplatanado", in Spanish) and as I don't know the translation in English I tranlated the verb "to be bananed" directly to English. When you are bananed, you gain a strange super-power of being a bit apathetic and not in the mood of doing anything at all. Let's make a list:
  • Banana power: you are able to convert anything, even a happy and funny situation, in something without any interest at all
  • Monkey power (from Estebanito, he went to the doctor and told him "I have a problem I am like a Monkey" so Robin called him Monkeyman since then): when you are too long time typing in front of the computer and you cannot sit straight anymore
  • Confusion attack (also from Estebanito? o maybe from Pablito?): it's the power of being able to confuse everybody
  • Reflection attack: when you are able to reflect even the powerful Confusion attack so even the attacker gets confused
  • Hot&&cold super power: Andrei's power of being at the same time a cool and a hot guy
  • Hot||cold super power: Maikel's power of being hot when he is aside a girl and cool when he is aside a guy
  • Sandeep's Guessing super power: his proven ability of being able to correctly guess stuff like the nationality of hot girls or if a given guy is gay or not
And you?? Which is your super-power?? :) For sure I'm forgetting many!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forbidden to have relationships within the same enterprise in Switzerland!!!

Andrea sent me this amazing news about big enterprises forbidding relationships within the same enterprise... They say that if bosses notice them, they should take actions like moving them to separated offices or floors or even firing them!!!

If they did something like that at CERN... I guess there would be riots and suicides all around... There are very few girls here now but if they are not allowed to go out with CERN men, I guess they only solution these have is to become gay or even worst: to go out from CERN to meet people from Geneva... (yes, that possibility also exists, Maikels!!!)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lactose Free Milk group has sneaked in the blog!!

Somehow Maikel was creating an official CERN Dancing Club facebook page and then the evil Lactose Free Milk group sneaked in instead, at the right side. He is still trying to get rid of it but is always coming back... stronger than a phoenix and more evil than Dr.Evil (Dr. Maligno, for the Spaniards). Maikel will have to use his blogger super powers to get rid of Lactose Free Milk!!! (he will do it tomorrow, today he feels a bit lazy).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spain won the world cup!!!

What??? You already knew?? How is that? Maybe it is because I was honking the horn all night as well as everybody else in Geneva that night? :D

PS: I know that happened already an eternity ago but I had to write it anyway :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul the German octopus was right!!!

For those without knowledge about the topic. There were dark histories about intelligent Spaniards, masters of the photoshop, modifying the photo of Paul choosing Spain as the winner of the semifinals of the World Cup


Then, the modified images and the truth showed up



But then he did a new prediction, and was consistent!! Spain won Germany!! And not only that. It also predicted the victory of Spain in the final match!!


And there is no photoshop there, you can even see the video!! (with Spanish fans cheering up!)


And Spain officially wants Paul to come to Spain. We love him!


Now everybody is buying Paul's t-shirts!!


And there is even a reggeton song about Paul!!!


There is even experimental evidence now that this octopus must be Spanish in some way. He even has an enormous dick!!!


FECALCOPROBOYS, your favourite group since now!!!

Marina (the girlfriend of the brother of the girlfriend of the friend of Maikel's girlfriend who is sleeping with the friend of Maikel's girlfriend although they are just friends) just made me discover this amazing group with amazing sounds and lyrics (like metal rock and voices only burping...). It will soon be your favourite group as well!!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Spanish team is in semifinials!!!

0 - 1

Finally Spain won and is semifinalist in the World Cup for first time in history!!!

We have to say that the main protagonist of the match was not anyone of the players but this girl, larissa riquelme, who someone said promised to be shown naked in internet if Paraguay win the match. That made many Colombian friends of Maikel to be supporting Paraguay rather than Spain during all the match, shouting "Paraguay" and "Larissa" during all the match. Some of they conveniently started supporting Spain after they finally scored.

Pffff, what a painful and stressfull match we had to see!!! And next match will be this Wednesday against Germany!!!

Maikel was in a tango workshop!!

Beach, mountain and tango, a perfect holiday... This is what Maikel got during past week, when he was not spamming at all.

You should all envy him!!! Probably he got the most posh holidays he can imagine.

Now he is having a hard time trying to get back to work (reading emails, having coffee, you know... very hard).

- Italian beaches (at leasts the ones he saw) are much worst than the Spanish ones (of course, what would a Spanish guy say :-P). They were mostly composed of little stones, not sand, although of course the Italians said that this was just because by coincidence there was a big storm the week before and these stones were thrown there in that moment. Of course never before there was a stone seen there :D
- in the tango lessons there were much more girls than men!! (actually double!) (well, I have to add that most of them were more ladies than girls)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shitty jokes

Aberto recommended me some stuff to put into the blog (sorry, Spanish only) so here you have (jokes regarding shit and how to call to the fact of producing such noble element):


As I found it interesting, I looked in internet for a page presenting such different ways of calling this interesting act and found the following


The shitting synonyms I like the most say something like:

- going to say goodbye to an inner friend
- going to free Willy
- going to externalize my uneasiness
- going to switch from abstract to concrete
- going to paint a black angel
- going to add flavour into the soup
- going to show off the best of myself
- going to discard an hypothesis
- going to negociate the freedom of hostages

St. John's Feast Day!!!

And almost nobody has congratulated Maikel!!! He is very very upset and is going to kill you all. Ta tse skotoso!!

We must go somewhere to the lakeside and make some fire to celebrate!!!

Weina and Norbert are back!!!

Both of them arrived CERN at the beginning of this week but it seems that they were hyper-busy and had no time to show up to the Maikels.

Maikel expect to be able to lunch with us today (and maybe play some Munchkin in the afternoon) and Mikaela hopes to be able to lunch with us tomorrow.

Let's hope we can see them before they leave 'forever' again!!!

PS: there are also rumours about Eleni coming back for few weeks some time soon but I have no gossip confirmation about that :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tango in Jardin Anglais is opened again!!

Come on, maikels!!! Maikel cannot afford to satisfy all these girls alone by himself in one night!! You should all come here with me!!

I will go tonight. The website is:


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dual toilets in China!!!

Fidel sent me this horrible disgusting report about a real dual toilet existing in one airport in China...


I remember these ancient times when I joked with Valentina about my great idea of having dual toilets where couples of lovers could talk freely about their feelings while releasing themselves from the heavy stuff filling their inside. With nice conversations, ending all in "plof - plof"...

PS: in my joke, the lovers would sit back-to-back, so they can hear but not see each other. This Chinese version where you can even see the other person is... disgusting!! And they even say in the report that it is a mixed toilet, where in principle men and women shit together!!

PS2: I was very tempted but I will not make a poll for the time being asking about if you would use such a dual toilet :D Not even I would use it!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MCCM tomorrow Wednesday about presentations!!

Eli will talk about how to make a good slides presentation (not explaining powerpoint but just explaining how the slides should be and how you should talk). Most physicist should learn that stuff...

Details are at:

I ignore what she will talk about but I guess she will seriously warn physicists about common practices like:

- creating the presentations in the same meeting while the previous speaker is presenting
- putting tons of text into the slides in tiny letters (so nobody can read it & complain)
- copying/pasting just a paper and putting it into the slides (variation of the previous bullet)
- making the slides so boring, colourless and simple that everybody will be tempted to have a nice siesta while in the presentation
- speaking showing our pretty back to the public just reading the slides rather than speaking to the people

(all these are real cases I am used to see...)

Amita discovered the gossip blog!!

And she says she will write stuff in there so be scared, very scared...

PS: ok, I wrote her actual name because most of you don't know her. You can just call her Mikaela. She is having trouble right now to get CERN wifi signal so we are safe as she cannot write stuff still.

PS2: also Alicia re-discovered the blog today and read the entry about her regarding the CMS control room!! :D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lisbon gay striptease bar!

Maikel just came from Lisbon!! And he got back a t-shirt saying a joke in Portuguese that almost nobody gets from Pluto, the Disney character (in English: "Pluto is a son of a Pluta"). He might also bought other nice t-shirts like the one with the giraffe saying "Deep throat..." or the one of the male chicken with a saddle saying "Free cock rides".

While in Lisbon, one night he says he was working and not going out, other people (I repeat again, not him) went out looking for a typical Lisbon bar. A friend of a friend of them, told them about a nice pub to go in the center and they went there. The place was very promising, specially when they saw a very cute and pretty girl going out from there with few clothes, when they were entering the bar. Once inside, the show was... surprising. A tall guy dressed as a policeman was dancing slowly making a striptease in around the vertical central bar. Nobody even remembers the details of his policeman stick or how tight his clothes were. They say they stayed for long time in the bar because they think they heard by the speakers that the next stripteasers were supposed to be girls. Somehow they stayed there for some time but the girls did not appear. The following day everybody knows that someone was there but it was not clear who was in and who was just told about that...

Poll about "princess syndrome"!!!

Maikel's friend Ilde told him once about the legend of CERN's "princess syndrome". If the hypothesis is correct, most girls who arrive to CERN would eventually suffer this syndrome. Some weeks after noticing so many desperate men after them (as there are so few girls here) the hypothesis says that they would really start thinking about themselves about "little princesses" so pretty, nice and perfect that they deserve anything and any men is too little and not-worth for them.

I heard the opposite syndrome when a friend left CERN to go to work to the United Nations. There the percentages are just the opposite ones and with so many girls and so few men, girls start believing that they are all ugly and dumb because they don't have (and seem not ever going to have) a couple.

Looking in the web for "princess syndrome" I just noticed that CERN guys are not the only ones to think about that...

Anyway, just vote in the poll!! Do you think the syndrome is real? Or is it just an excuse of frustrated and desperate CERN men to try to explain why they don't have couple? :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new poll!! (about SPAM)

Did you ever got mad at receiving too many SPAM emails per day? Do you get bored when you see that a lunch email starts getting dozens of replies just for fun? Or when an email for deciding a birthday present gets over 100 emails, with most of the last 40 emails dedicated to try to send the email number 69? Just vote and send some spam around!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Maikel is in the news!!!

After Juan, Isabel, Jonatan and so many others CERN maikels/mikaelas, now also Jorge entered in the hall of fame of glamourous people. Congratulations!!


Maikel has been in Monaco F1 competition and Cannes festival!!!

Apart from very busy working, preparing for the working visit to Portugal next week, Maikel seems to get some free time to show up at Monte Carlo F1 competition (yeah, exactly as in IronMan 2, where he was disguised) and also at the Cannes cinema festival, to eclipse all the famous guys there and try to escape from all hot glamourous girls. He got a picture from Russell Crowe and other rich famous people who doesn't know (well, he thinks so, because all these famous people look very different without make up and also some of the guys were not shaved or too much shaved).

PS: Maikel got another "e=mc^2" t-shirt for his collection, this one about Monte Carlo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New CULO poll!!

What kind of feelings does the word CULO bring up to your mind?? Funny? Disgusting? Don't give a shit? ;-) Just reply to the post!!

PS: yes, I know, I ran out of ideas about what to write this week but anyway I found this topic funny :)

CMS Control Room discovered the gossip blog!!!

Mikaela and Mikaela (shift leader and DQM shifter) just discovered by chance this gossip blog, while Maikel was having coffee with them and Mikaela. Now the CMS Control Room screens start turning pink while people is bored without StableBeams and is looking for some gossips...

Ashes from the volcano from Geneva???

It looks like at CERN we didn't realize about anything (you know, lonely boring physicists with white coats in offices without windows :D) but looks like the volcano ashes were visible from the lake!!!


The whole set of amazing photos are at


LinkPS: thanks to Ines for them :)

Eli's got a new blog!!

about board games (in Spanish)


She also has a poll about how much you like the first game she talks about (Settlers of Cathan). She expects contributions, comments and votations!!

PS: I'm still waiting for Eleni's blog to go to production :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maikel finally got an "office"!!

Well, not really an office, but access to the huge open space in building 510... So, Maikel's new office is ~ the size of all the B40 cafeteria and looks like a huge classroom! They told him it's the place where students, coming for very short time, are assigned.

He asked at the secretary in which position of the waiting list he is, after 1 year and 2 months waiting for an office. He got removed from the list! Again! It's the third time that he gets inscribed in there... Now he is back at the bottom of the list again. When asked about a time estimate of when he will get a real office they said that in one year from now, the new building aside B40 will be opened and then he might get an office there. That will be > 2 years after he asked for an office for the first time... So disappointing...

He is starting to believe that the Epsilon team is probably behind all this...

PS: what you all don't know is that the new building aside B40 is the building created specially for Maikel and his slaves, to compensate for all this disappoint. Maikel will get his revenge by enjoying torturing his male slaves and inviting to coffee to the female ones :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Elenas coming to CERN this weekend :(

A volcano with unpronounceable name


is responsible of "all European airports closed"



Note that for BBC it seems that Africa starts below France... all Spanish Airports (and Greek, Bulgarian & Turkish) are ok!!!

We hope our 2 missing Spanish Elenas will be able to come soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lna is ALSO arriving CERN this weekend!

Just read on facebook that she is arriving today. Of course I already updated the carpe-diem calendar :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

M.Elena arrives to CERN this weekend!!

She will arrive on Saturday (don't know when she will leave). Let's make plans for this weekend!!

Maikel is a "panzoncito"!!!

It is public. Maikel cannot hide it. He is fat (well, just a bit plump). He has already a little belly ("panza"). The R2 cafeteria cashier has told him (laughing) while inviting for coffee in front of the other Maikels that he is a... PANZONCITO :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cully (not Culo) jazz festival

Cristina sent it to the list


Dirk suggested to go during the week. We should also try to go by train. We passed by on Sunday night and it was impossible to find a parking place.

Official apologies to Evi!! (who found a flat)

She was very disgusted with Maikel's doubts regarding her... you-know-what. Then, Maikel and Mikaela have granted her with official Naked apologies from the blog! She turned out to be a nice and pretty girl, and what Maikel invented after seeing the tiny image from the chat when they first met was a very unfortunate event that we all wish will never be repeated. The you-know-what of Mikaela is totally clear now and nobody has doubts about it. Anyway, does anyone ever takes seriously any news from Maikel??

PS: in unrelated news, we are proud of giving a totally un-official announcement: she has found a flat in Meyrin!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Monica wants the links of Juan and Eleni's blogs!!

Uuuuuuuuuuuuh!!! Why would she want that stuff??? Is she curious, is she mad, does she really knows what she is facing??? XD

(by the way, the fact that Eleni has a blog is top secret, don't tell anyone; it's still in Beta and she is writing there like crazy but she does not want anyone to know it... shit!! I did it again!!)

Andrea's birthday is today!!! (Jonatan's one was also this week!)

Everybody (except Maikel) knew about Jonatan's birthday this week.

But only the chosen ones knew about Andrea's one :) Happy birthday Andrea!

...and, of course... happy birthday Jonatan!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eleni's friend is here!!!

Nobody knows her name nor her face. Her name on facebook is "Pinkfloyd". Someone today said that probably she is married and is the wife of one of the Pinkfloyd members. The gossip is spreading. In the facebook photo you can see her from very far away, from a side, and with sunglasses, so it would be almost impossible to recognise her. Someone even said that maybe she is a man. Or maybe she just changed sex. Again. Who knows the truth...

Anyway, she is already working at CERN and she is looking for a flat. She wants to meet strong and handsome maikels to help her, and nice mikaelas to talk about girlish topics. Please, help her! We will meet for merienda one of these days. For lunch, she already met 2 handsome guys with whom she is going to lunch. You maikels already lost your opportunity for first contact...

New toilet poll!! (Electronic toilets?)

Would you like to use one of these electronic toilets at home? :D I saw one the other day in a shop and it looked so cool... with all these buttons to automatically throw hot water to your culito and to dry it later with warm wind and so on. The person who was with me said that it is quite disgusting and seems very anti-hygienic :-P

What do YOU think??

Whatever happened to the weekly 'culo' polls?

The title says it all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First collisions today!!!

and I'm at the CMS control room!! You can follow here



First collisions are expected at around 12h30! (I don't really believe it, they always get delayed :-P)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 TeV Media Event!!!

There will be an official "7 TeV collisions Big Media Event" on March 30 (next Tuesday) at CERN. Hundreds of journalists will come here by that date and we will have 3.5 x 3.5 TeV collisions!

Official link:

Official ATLAS news:
As many of you already know, CERN is planning for 3.5 + 3.5 TeV collisions on 30 March 2010. To witness this event, CERN has invited several hundred journalists to be present on the CERN site. A wide media coverage similar to September 2008 is expected.

More at atlas.ch & cms.cern.ch

PS: only sub-system experts will probably be allowed (and will be requested to be) at the control room of CMS... that means that Maikel has to be there.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maikel's weekend

Hey dudes!!
I'm so envyous that I can't enjoy Maikel's weekend with you!!!
I will be in Italy for a conference..
Please Fid, enjoy carpediem como se merece!! ;))
Many hugs!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New toilet poll!!

"When sat the toilet, do you totally get down your pants or only till the knees?"

You have 10 days to vote!!

PS: I got the idea in a conversation with Valentina and Lna (of course, while eating something).

Naked CERN / carpe-diem on-line calendar


I have a suggestion to improve your blog.
You should make a gmail calendar with the activities related to carpe-diem and embed it in your blog, for instance on the left side.
If it is not possible to embed it, you can at least include a link to it.
With gmail on-line calendar, you can make it so that we can add the carpe-diem calendar to our own gmail account, so as to see the events together with our other calendars (private, meetings, or whatever other calendars you have). It is also possible to give permission to people with a gmail account to add events to the carpe-diem calendar.

Events that could be added to the calendar include:
- Birthdays of carpe-diem'ers
- Dinners, outings, etc
- Keep people informed of when Weina, Valentina, LNA, Solarin or other part-time visitors will be around. Or visitors, such as Fidel, Pablito and company. Or when Marijana will be in town.
Otherwise it is not always easy to surf the spam to find dates for this kind of things.
- Special events (such as job fairs, cultural events, dinners we are planning, etc).
- MCCM evenings
- For events that require a doodle, a link to the poll could be included in the exact day of the calendar.
- We could also include the events from young@cern in the calendar.


Well, in fact I have already created the calendar. Maikel, you can investigate later how to add it to the blog. I have added most of carpe-diem members with a gmail account.
If somebody is missing, just tell me. Everybody* has permission to create and delete events. Just don't delete an event you have not created :D

*Everybody means every carpe-diem member whom I have sent an invitation. This is not a public calendar. Outsiders cannot manage or see the calendar.

Below is just a test of embedding the calendar in the post, but it doesn't look so well. Maybe Maikel can find out how to embed it in the margin, so it is always visible.
In any case, here is the link to the calendar so you
Hope this will become a useful tool.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rock'n roll party this Saturday night!


15 euros (dinner with pizza included). Laurence told me that she will go at 20h30. The place is in Prevessin so you need a car (or someone with car like Juan...).

Virginia's poster for Woman's day :)


PS: By the way, today is her birthday ;-)

Salon auto 2010


I think that current best proposal (Cristina) is to go on this Saturday morning (by bus, of course).

Forum emploi Geneve

Tomorrow finishes the job employment fair in Geneva. Anyone is finally going?


Monday, March 8, 2010

Weina's new look at CERN!!

Weina got caught by the paparazzi cameras from Naked CERN while in the control room:


We can see from the photo that she has a new and fashion haircut including dark curly hair. She also goes to the job with a new dressing style including a cute dark green sweater.

She came back to CERN for three weeks, ready to let CERN men to fall into her fishing net and to let CERN women envious about her style. Be aware!

International Women's day gossips!!!

Merry Christmas!! I mean... happy international Women's day!! (to all girls, not to the men, of course, not even to effeminate ones. Mmm, there is no Men's day now that I think about it... well, except in Russia).

ATLAS news: "today all CERN experiments and accelerators are primarily operated by women. Go to: http://cern.ch/internationalwomensday for live images coming from all control rooms."

CMS news: "to highlight the key role played by the 588 women scientists
currently in CMS, 32 of the 34 main shifts needed to run our experiment
will be covered by women scientists of the Collaboration."

Interview to Isabel: http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1246812

Pablito's birthday: is today, although it does not mean that he changed sex or became effeminate.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Japan Impact

This weekend, at EPFL Lausanne, everything related to Japanese culture, food, anime, manga, cosoplay, even there will be a manga drawing course, Japanese language course, games, ...


And Maikel is going to miss it!

This could be useful for Luisfer, Vale or Alberto Ocampo, who will be soon going to Japan. And I guess it could also be useful if Consuelo *finally* did her presentation about her trip to Japan last year in the MCCM anytime soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentina leaves CERN forever.

Yes, forever.
For the fifth or sixth time. So don't be sad, we all know she will come back.

Note: ... and maybe sooner than what you think. Because, off the record, on the QT, and very hush hush, our latest information point us that she's still in GVA airport due the aircraft being kaputt. Well, but let's hope that she will be able to make to Vienna before the midnight chimes. Keep tuned for the latest update.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you usually read in the toilet?

Already 11 people voted!! For the time being, the results are 5 Yes and 6 No... How can many people do that???

PS: I just created this entry to post later the final result, in one week :)

Valentina's birthday today!!

Most of you already know it but I think it is worth you tell her some nice words ;-)

Plan for tonight is dinner together at 20h30 + MAD at 22h30!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MCCM: Logs in software.

Luisfer will give a Cultural Coffee with his rehearsal for the important talk he will give soon about:

"Logs in software: how to record the when, the what and the who"

In Eli's blog, you can click to say that you are coming.

I just reserved the EVO:
BOOKED a meeting in EVO (http://evo.vrvs.org).

Title: MCCM: Logs in software
Description: "Logs in software: how to record the when, the what and the who"
Community: Universe

Meeting Access Information:
- Meeting URL

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CMS hot chicks calendar!

Actually it is a poster to celebrate the Women's day :)


Full article here.

PS: I know many of these girls ;) And at least 3 of them are Spanish!!

Vale is around -> parties all days!

From Fio's email:

Tonight dinner + fiesta
Tursday Vale's BD dinner + MAD
Friday dinner + party
Saturday goodbye dinner + fiesta

For tonight: 8 PM in the central hall of the train station to go to
super-secret Italian restaurant.

Are you able to handle so many parties? Men, this week is the week when you all have to prove that you are real men and not pussies. Girls, you also have to prove that you can afford all that parting and without loosing your glamour XD

sado-maso parties here??

There are rumours about sado-maso parties at CERN but I never saw them still.

Esther told me that we should inform her ad her friends as soon as details are known. She has her whip ready for it.

In the other hand, Marek suspects that all that is just some misunderstanding as in the CMS DAQ group they usually call SM to the Storage Manager group but many people is sure about that SM actually stands for Sado Maso group.

Which is the truth about that??

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Successful dinner with Vale & Lna!!

Valentina and Elena's dinner was very successful from the point of view of the gossip. I'm sorry but the people who didn't come is not allowed to know the real names of the people. Their little reputation could be totally screwed up if their real names are published on the net.

We all learned that:

- Maikel prefered to go with Maikel to another dinner so now we all think that he is a bit gay and has some warm feelings for Maikel...

- Mikaela was doing "piecitos" (playing footsie) with some other men under the table. Well, she says she did nothing so there is a big concern about if there was one of the men doing that to other men by mistake... puajjjj!!!

- Mikaela and Maikel asked a dessert to share between them. A dessert that looked exactly as a... "fetcher belcher"!!! So disgusting...

- Maikel did not come and he did not reply the telephone in days... Some Maikel thinks that he is maintaining a dark relationship with some Mikaela...

- Maikel did not come either, with the nice excuse that he realized (almost one hour after being in the restaurant the rest) that his car was broken and could not come. He also claims that he was waiting for the Maikel who didn't show life signs in days...

- Mikaela came with a French maromo. Nobody knows till what extent is close. Anyway he didn't spoke much English so all is a mistery.

So, very interesting gossips this time!!!

Eli also created a blog!!!

Now everybody is copying Maikel doing blogs, it seems :D Well, he was not really the first one but it is fun to say it like that, I guess, or maybe not?

Ok, here is the blog:

Please, pay attention to the fact that it is aimed to be a "serious" blog (for useful information and cultural coffees propaganda), although Maikel will do everything possible (with comments, spam and so) to make it more... interesting...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentina and Lna coming to CERN on Saturday!!!

This Saturday both of them are here. We should meet for partying & dinner, right?? Spanish restaurant? Crepes place? Fondue place? Doodle? Confusion attack? Salsa or tango, Pickwicks or Macumba afterwards?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Carnival parties!

What are you Maikels/Mikaelas going to dress up like? |-)
Any photos?

(Erm, it's this weekend in western Europe as well, isn't it?)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

MAD & job spam

Cristina sent an innocent email about asking to go to dance salsa tonight to MAD. Poor girl. There were ~70 spam emails starting with that, with just 2 or 3 related to the subject. Spam subjects related to indifference, Gene Kelly, zombies, stuff to be shown, CULO, C++ pedantic technicalities, SMS and MMS, iPad, madness, cups, asteroids, alien Juanes invasion, CULO, processes ID, Big Bang theory and, of course, spam.

Also Eli sent another innocent email about a job interview and the only thing I remembered about that is the video about the attagirl knee pads... uuuuuuf.. better I don't continue.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 beer = 2 slices of bread

This is an impressive study related to nutrition,.... and actually is serious :)
Unfortunately, nobody from CERN involved
1 beer = 2 slices of bread http://thestatsblog.wordpress.com/2010/02/09/silicon-ale-y/

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

German is on the news!!

Camilo's brother is on Atlas news today, in an article written by Ceri


I will not make any comment about his photo... Well, it's better than mine in the article I had some time ago

PS: the interview to German is so fun!!! Great work, Ceri!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ohhhh, my friends, I am not anymore in Telefonica....crisis and this kind of things, but!!!! I am looking for a job in Switzerland, maybe in Zurich, then if I finally manage to cheat some Swiss enterprise, I will invite you all to BEERSSSS!!!!!

(this message is to reply with encouragement message)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day to everyone!

I propose you watch the movie today. Just to do something different :D

Have fun on this wonderful day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Maikel had a date with a Mikaela!!

There are rumours about that in past Saturday's Mikaela party (the super-secret Maikel's birthday party) something happened with Maikel, who was missing.

It is said that he couldn't come because he had a date with a Mikaela... Actually he spent the afternoon alone with her and he ended up with several other friends of her!!! So, we all understand the situation excepting Maikel, who complained that was not invited to this big female event where Maikel got all the Mikaelas for himself without sharing them with the other single Maikels.

Maikel and Swedish love stuff

There are rumours about Fidemaikel having Swedish kisses or even Swedish hugs... He says he will neither deny nor confirm those words thus he'll look way cooler than before.

PS: just in case you didn't know what these words mean... Myself, I didn't know them before Valentina told us... What has been seen cannot be unseen...

PS2: disclaimer - In fact she didn't know what these expressions mean. She just wanted to make the joke that in Swedish the verb "to piss" sounds like "to kiss" :D When we discovered the true meaning and we told her, she wanted to solve the situation changing sending us 'Swedish hugs' instead of 'Swedish kisses' but it was even worse :-P

Friday, January 29, 2010

Newcomer needs you

Hi to all M&M's!
In April a friend will go to cern and stay for one year (technical student).
If any of you knows anything about any place that she could rent, preferably on the swiss side, pleaz let me know.


At Cern is snowing like Hell

All is covered with not very 'spunny' white stuff. It is going to be a real fun to drive tonight!!! :D

Hey, that's Spunny!!

Maikel invented today a new word:

Spanish + Funny = Spunny !!!

PS: talking with Alberto also thought about another great one (in Spanish):
Mariquitas + Esquiadores = Mariquiadores

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Norbert proposes something

Yeah, he proposed to go out for drinks tonight Thursday. Luisfer and a couple of friends of them will join.

From us, only Juan and Eli showed some indifference... (this means that nobody else replied so Norbert might get a nice surprise... or not)

PS: Fidel loved that Juanada in Spanish:
- Fidel: quienes vienen?
- Juan: de momento tu eres el unico que ha mostrado cierta indiferencia...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fake entrance

I have received this video claiming to be from a backdoor CERN entrance, where the guards are very... kind to the newcomers to CERN...


Don't get fooled, it is a fake. CERN does not have that backdoor. It is actually a club from a famous movie.

PS: I know what are you thinking but that is neither the entrance from the CERN dancing club, and they are not dancing tango in that video (although it looks like). You can come safely to the dancing club.
PS2: idea partially from Estebanito and Marek.

CERN sexy dancing scientists

Someone has discovered this video about known CERN sexy scientists dancing.

PS: some female viewer of the video already said that she will not be able to sleep after this...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Poster 4 ur office

I decided to post our recent demotivator here as well... Let's hope it becomes obsolete in a couple of weeks but nobody says we can't use it as a reminder :p


Maikel just learned that new word on Saturday's party and was making fun of it all the night, explaining it to everybody :D

PS: I didn't believe the meaning you told me so I went to look for it in
wikipedia... Shit, I cannot believe that they even have a picture of it, in case you are too lazy to read the text...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maikel got drunk!!!

There are some rumors about Maikel getting drunk at Jose's party this Friday night... some people say he drank one Cachaça chupito, others say he drunk 4, and finally he needed a ride home... Is that really true or just a worldwide complot against him??

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jose's party at B13 tonight!!

There are rumours about Jose (the Brazilian) leaving CERN forever soon, so there would be a farewell party at B13 tonight... Maikel and his friends are said to be invited.

Weina is now leaving CERN forever :(

but will come back again in in March :)

She got problems with the navette going to the airport which does not exist anymore :-P (Surely Eli sent an email explaining that but we didn't read it because the subject was not related to naked models) Anyway, she finally got a ride and is right now going there.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Maikel's PhD birthday is today!!!

Herta just reminded me that today my little PhD is already 2 years old. It had a difficult and long birth, many people thought that maybe it would never be born, but finally it was a total success. It even had a weight of 191 pages, what is not that bad for a Spanish baby like him. Long life to the little PhD! Here are some pics taken shortly after the birth:

Luis birthday is today!!!

Don't forget to congratulate him (we are talking about the Maikel who lives with Maikel, not Giant Luis nor LuisFer nor any other of the many Luises around).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

lunch 12:45 R2

I heard that Luisfer proposed to go lunch at 12:45 to R2 so I just write it here for fun :D

PS: I'm in

Rumour has it...

Rumour has it...

Yesterday night, some maikels were... Well... You know... Let's say "maikelizing" out of CERN... The question is that hey finally maikelized successfully... Know what I mean? (Nudge, nudge...)...

And remember, this information is off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weina is at CERN!!!

There are some rumors about that Weina is here at CERN, although only till the end of the week. Some Maikels have seen her :D


Blog created!!!

In this funny newly created blog we (Maikels & Mikaelas) plan to post gossips and news related to CERN and science in general.

Just try to not to be very specific with people in general so nobody gets really affected. Remember: "everybody is Maikel!!"


PD: Gossips in languages other than English are also accepted. Cotilleos en español también están aceptados :)