Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new poll!! (about SPAM)

Did you ever got mad at receiving too many SPAM emails per day? Do you get bored when you see that a lunch email starts getting dozens of replies just for fun? Or when an email for deciding a birthday present gets over 100 emails, with most of the last 40 emails dedicated to try to send the email number 69? Just vote and send some spam around!!


  1. hey Maikel, this is maikel. Why dont you make a poll about top boring places to work on earth (CERN P5 excluded) ;)

    and dont be a muon...

  2. I will follow the other advice you told me :)
    My next poll will be about the "syndrome of the princess", very well known for CERN working people XD

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  4. LOL! My hobby (psychology) emerges again and I can't help it... There are 10 formal kinds of personality disorders, eg. look here,
    It'd be *splendid* to ask ourselves which are the most often found among cern people :) For example, by "syndrome of the princess" I guess you probably refer to the histrionic personality disorder, but I'm not sure this is the most common one. (I know this will be longer than the usual culo poll, but I couldn't help sharing...)

  5. great about "sindrome princess" one can write a paper.... XD

  6. The results of the "Do you like SPAM?" poll are shown below. The conclusion is that most people like spam!!! Specially if it is from their friends. I have to say that probably the people who reads this blog (and vote) is the kind of people willing to waste their time on that so they are very capable to like SPAM :)


    No because it's time wasting (my time is very valuable!)

    0 (0%)
    Yes, because it's time wasting (and funny!)

    3 (25%)

    Yes but only when I'm bored and it's SPAM from friends

    8 (66%)

    SPAM?? What is that? Never received in my life (ok, now vote for something real)

    1 (8%)

    Votes so far: 12
    Poll closed