Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Soap Opera about CERN!!!

In this link you can find a chapter of a fictional latinoamerican soap opera based at CERN that Fidel sent us :)

Sorry for the non latinoamerican-Spanish speaking people!!! I'll just tell briefly the storyline for them:

An average physicist girl working at CERN, dressing very sexy, in high heels and alone at CERN control room, is just doing important calculations, as usual (by the way, she gets a 15% probability of generating a black hole, I wonder which model did she use for getting such a figure...). Then, a young grant holder enters the room and tries to seduce her (again). Finally, the husband of her catches them in the right moment and threaten them saying that he will switch the LHC to generate a black hole that will destroy the world and mankind (and he does).

It is so fun!! Just remember that this is all fiction (don't try to do it alone at home with your own accelerator!!). And of course, as we always remind, keep in mind that it is impossible that LHC generates black holes that will destroy the Earth!! The Sun and other cosmic things produce cosmic rays much better than our LHC does and their collisions with us did not create black holes yet!! :D


  1. I forgot to add the following to the translation:

    The girl's husband is CERN's DG. And he says he is very disappointed because he had to quit his previous job, as tobacco shop assistant in Botswana, Africa, to be CERN's Director General, just because of his love to her :D

  2. Yeah baby...

    This comes from a TV show in a Spanish public channel called CIUDAD K.