Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When everybody is Maikel, no one is...

Today we had an interesting and international discussion / debate about St.Valentine's day.

Maikel's got fed up of talking with some CERN-related couples and realizing that most don't like this day and say that it is better not celebrating St.Valentine's because "every day it's special", not just that specific day. When asked about what do they do any other day, he realized that most couples just celebrate their anniversary once a year (if anything).

Maikel's thoughts can be summarized in the following interesting sentence from the bad guy of The Incredibles : "when everyone's super, no one will be".

During the interesting discussion, there were different opinions: the general idea is that most people don't like all the merchandising and stuff that enterprises try to sell us this day, but apart from that, Maikel found:
  • who just don't like St.Valentine's day at all
  • who prefers to change it for some other day (May 1st, June 12nd...)
  • who prefers to celebrate only the anniversary
And Maikel says... "celebrate as much as you can!!!"

PS: as someone pointed out, celebrate as much as you can, but not everyday!!! XD

PS2: and... vote in the poll!!!


  1. The last option of the poll made laugh out loud!

  2. I'll repeat my stance to maintain integrity: when I was younger I knew that Valentine's day is supposed to be the celebration when one can reveal his/her hidden love for someone else! Which made perfect sense and was cool -- whatever happened to this?!

  3. how come the last option is the most voted?? XDDDDD

  4. but I really stick to the "celebrate as much as you can!!!"... is like my... life slogan XD

    P.D. I voted the last option hahaha

  5. So obviously to celebrate as much as you can, but not every day, we should celebrate every day except one. Why don't we celebrate every day except Valentine's Day?


  6. P.S: I don't mind people trying to sell me extra chocolate.

  7. Eleni, it's true, it's used to be like that in the past ... but I wouldn't have even remembered if it were not for you.
    So I will confess my secret love: I'm in love with ... with ... with Mikaela!!

  8. Every Maikel is in love with a secret Mikaela...
    Every Mikaela is in love with a secret Maikel...
    Wise words!!!

    BTW, be careful. I was talking with one Mikaela at Charlie's yesterday. One that I discovered that her real name is Mikaela!!! And she calls everybody Thomas rather than Maikel!!!

  9. Results of last Poll about St.Valentine's:
    What do you think about St.Valentine's day??

    I love it and I love to celebrate it!!!

    4 (28%)

    It's stupid to celebrate a relationship that specific day. Each person should choose any day that is better for them.

    2 (14%)

    I'd prefer to celebrate only the anniversary day.

    1 (7%)

    I'd prefer to celebrate the anniversary each month.

    2 (14%)

    I'd celebrate anniversary each month + St.Valentine!!

    3 (21%)

    I hate all the merchandising and stupid stuff they want to sell that day.

    6 (42%)

    Stupid day. I'd not celebrate it (nor anything equivalent).

    3 (21%)

    What a stupid poll, there is not even the words "Maikel" or "shit" on it.

    9 (64%)

    Votes so far: 14