Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Higgs (or similar) discovery inminent!!!

Nobody can stop the gossip. It's one of the strongest forces of the universe (even stronger than gravity, electroweak and nuclear strong forces...). By now, most people has already known by any possible non official source that CERN will make a big announcment tomorrow.

CERN created a facebook event page where they announced the special meeting they will have tomorrow morning at 9am about an "update on the search of the Higgs bosson".

Many blogs, as explained in my previous post, leaked (or invented!!) a lot of details of what CERN will show. Lots of international newspapers, including the New York Times, also spread the news, even citing these unofficial blogs as the main source of information, at the same time as CERN official word is to not to believe anything they say.

Also, Fermilab already warmed up making an emergency press conference to show their results first!!!

And the Director General of the most important R&D public agency in Spain sent this announcement claiming that CERN already found Higgs!!!

Anyway most of us know the real truth. They will just say the typical technical details of  "we have found an excess of data over noise of so many blah blah standard deviations that could be compatible with the existence of the Higgs boson with a confidence level of blah blah but could also be this or could also be that other particle and we need more data to understand exactly such excess."

In any case, as you can imagine, there are tons of people gathering at CERN already, like moths going to a lamp at night.

You can see in this post the photo of the first person already sleeping there in front of the door of the auditorium where the conference will start tomorrow at 9am :D You can even see still sunlight outside so this person started picking up a place long time ago!! Actually the CERN DG already said by email to all employees here that they will open the doors of the auditorium only at 7h30, not before, so they prevent people for starting going tonight to sleep inside :D

We expect lots and lots of people going tomorrow there. The opening of the doors of the auditorium probably will be much worst that the opening of a shopping center the first day of sales. Prepare for the worst!!!

And of course, I also expect to be there!!! But  I doubt I will get a place!!! :P

As someone said in the official CERN event... OH MY GOD PARTICLE!!!


  1. Also, this happened a few hours ago :))))


  2. hahaha!! so much fun!!! total gossip!!!

  3. Planned to be at CERN at 6am. Set the alarm clock at 6h15. Arrived CERN at 7am. The waiting line crossed R1 and arrived to the posh area. Went, defeated, to another room where it was projected. Got told there that there were 6 people waiting there at 21h, 60 at midnight and the people arriving to the auditorium after 5am did not get a sit. Think now that next time such an event happens CERN should make it public in one of these huge stadiums where rock concerts are organized, and maybe like that it would be too full.

  4. CMS already presented sigma of 5!! more if only considering the best channels. That means a discovery of a new boson!! Of course we don't say it's Higgs, as I expected, but just a new boson that could be the Higgs and we need more data to confirm or discard that.

  5. Atlas slides are very ugly!! And in comic sans and tiny font size!! :-) They just said 4.5 sigma in Thetis best channel.

  6. WTF??! ATLAS only shows the results of their 2 best channels and hides the rest?? That is cheating, CMS is slowing all! And people clap like crazy!