Wednesday, March 6, 2013

There is no word in elvish, entish, or the tongues of men for what i want to say

That quote from TreeBeard, from Lord of The Ring, is the first thing that came to my mind when I arrived to CERN this week. Along with the images of the deforestation and the enraged march of the Ents that followed that feeling.

It is true that there was some advertisement. We all received the CERN email announcement about that. But, as usual, we just discarded it as junk email or ignored it, thinking that it would be some standard piece of useless information that we don't need.

Then, suddenly, one day you arrive back to work and see that almost all CERN trees have disappeared. This place, that in arcane eras was a legendary piece of old ugly buildings surrounded by old huge trees, it is converted into just the bunch of old and even uglier structures.

Before, our eyes could still afford the pain, as the wonderful trees managed to hide most of the ugly buildings. But now they cannot stop bleeding in pain, after seeing the reality. Yes, CERN is even more ugly now :D

Ok, I exaggerated a little bit, the previous pictures are not actual pictures of CERN :D I leave you here few real pics I did:

PD: my apologies, this was meant to be posted past week but I forgot to click 'post' and my 3 seconds fish memory took care of me forgetting about that forever :D


  1. I guess because this winter there was one windy day where some small branches where broken and finished in the street... Probably it is for safety.

    But I really think that it is more probably that with our LHC experiments with the Higgs boson we opened a new way for Sauron to resurrect and create a new Mordor at CERN!!!

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