Monday, August 4, 2014

The death of Scientific Linux CERN

Scientific Linux CERN is dead, long life CERN CentOs!!

We have all been suffering with it. Installing it, and specially updating it :D It was not easy at the beginning, but little by little we all learned to love it (or at least to deal with it).

Today, the CERN IT department announced that our dear Scientific Linux CERN (SLC) is dead. There it does not say it that clear, but in the email we got it is much more loud: there won't be any more SLC versions after version 6 and, instead, we will have a new guy with us, called CERN CentOs (CC), starting with version CC7.

A new penguin has come to town. And there was no place for 2 penguins here. There can be only one.

We just hope everything will be alright from now and we will not keep changing! And remember, if you got a hard time updating from SLC4 to SLC6, imagine what it is going to be to update now to CC7 !!! Lots of fun waiting ahead!

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