Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poll about "princess syndrome"!!!

Maikel's friend Ilde told him once about the legend of CERN's "princess syndrome". If the hypothesis is correct, most girls who arrive to CERN would eventually suffer this syndrome. Some weeks after noticing so many desperate men after them (as there are so few girls here) the hypothesis says that they would really start thinking about themselves about "little princesses" so pretty, nice and perfect that they deserve anything and any men is too little and not-worth for them.

I heard the opposite syndrome when a friend left CERN to go to work to the United Nations. There the percentages are just the opposite ones and with so many girls and so few men, girls start believing that they are all ugly and dumb because they don't have (and seem not ever going to have) a couple.

Looking in the web for "princess syndrome" I just noticed that CERN guys are not the only ones to think about that...

Anyway, just vote in the poll!! Do you think the syndrome is real? Or is it just an excuse of frustrated and desperate CERN men to try to explain why they don't have couple? :D


  1. Ah so THIS is what you meant with princess syndrome the other day! Mind you, I had understood it was the "high nose" syndrome of people who consider themselves too smart and good for you... I'm waiting for this poll as well.

  2. Haha, I ve many other syndromes, but not yet the princess one, LOLOL!!! ;))

  3. Amita says she would vote only if the No option was like this:

    NO. That's IDIOTIC.


  4. I forgot to post the results of this poll: here you have

    No. That's evidently dumb and sexist.

    1 (10%)

    Yes! I saw it and experienced its consequences!

    4 (40%)

    I would love an official scientific research about it.

    8 (80%)