Monday, July 5, 2010

Maikel was in a tango workshop!!

Beach, mountain and tango, a perfect holiday... This is what Maikel got during past week, when he was not spamming at all.

You should all envy him!!! Probably he got the most posh holidays he can imagine.

Now he is having a hard time trying to get back to work (reading emails, having coffee, you know... very hard).

- Italian beaches (at leasts the ones he saw) are much worst than the Spanish ones (of course, what would a Spanish guy say :-P). They were mostly composed of little stones, not sand, although of course the Italians said that this was just because by coincidence there was a big storm the week before and these stones were thrown there in that moment. Of course never before there was a stone seen there :D
- in the tango lessons there were much more girls than men!! (actually double!) (well, I have to add that most of them were more ladies than girls)

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