Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul the German octopus was right!!!

For those without knowledge about the topic. There were dark histories about intelligent Spaniards, masters of the photoshop, modifying the photo of Paul choosing Spain as the winner of the semifinals of the World Cup

Then, the modified images and the truth showed up

But then he did a new prediction, and was consistent!! Spain won Germany!! And not only that. It also predicted the victory of Spain in the final match!!

And there is no photoshop there, you can even see the video!! (with Spanish fans cheering up!)

And Spain officially wants Paul to come to Spain. We love him!

Now everybody is buying Paul's t-shirts!!

And there is even a reggeton song about Paul!!!

There is even experimental evidence now that this octopus must be Spanish in some way. He even has an enormous dick!!!


  1. Maikel, I had described your blog to a friend and he said something incredibly correct: "So, he spreads nonsense in a responsible way".

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