Monday, October 3, 2011

The Legend showed up in official CMS meeting!!

It looked like a normal Tuesday at CERN. All online (i.e. responsible of daily data taking) representatives of the CMS detector of CERN were in the middle of a meeting. They were discussing the important problems they had that week which, due to unexpected hardware problems, made them to record much less data that their competitor, the ATLAS detector. There was people upset and everybody could feel the tension in the ambiance.

At some point, someone were commenting something about Maikel's stuff, so he felt obliged to also comment about that to clarify the situation. For some reason, he felt very tired that day. His brain worked slower than usual. But still he had lots of important things to say, to clarify the situation and fix the problems. He could not imagine the disaster that was about to happen.

He interrupted the whole conversation and stood up from his chair to speak, with a very serious face and voice, standing sure of himself and clear about his intentions. His eyes looked clear and confident of what he was talking about, as he was talking from the point of view of an expert of his sub-system, as well as the on-call person who was there when the problem happened and could clarify everything.

In that moment, one of the persons of the meeting showed a big smile on his face and started laughing like crazy. Most people was totally shocked by that fact. It looked like he really got mad about the different big problems that happened that week. But then he made a sign that made everybody understand. He pointed with his finger to Maikel and shouted:


Suddenly, all people in the meeting muted. The meeting was interrupted without any logical reason. Everybody turned slowly their faces to look towards the direction where such finger was pointing at. Then, everybody understood. And laughed!!! There are legends that still tell how such laughs were heard even by the Dr. Conan in the far Cimmeria...

Maikel did not understand at first. Then he looked to his T-Shirt. He was wearing the "The Man - The Legend" t-shirt!!! He was so sleepy that morning that he just took anything from the wardrobe without checking. The unfortunate t-shirt he got was the one that Maikel and Mikaela gifted him for his birthday, just as a joke, but hoping that he was not wearing it at work.

Of course, Maikel laughed as much as the rest, and the tension of the meeting disappeared, so finally everybody enjoyed :)

After the meeting, he wrote to Maikel in the chat the whole story and he is still laughing about it.

That was the second most fun story that t-shirt ever heard, being the first one of the annals Michalina's famous joke regarding that the t-shirt was probably right because "behind every legend, there is always a small little truth"...


  1. Superb! What you really should've done when we dared you to wear it to an important meeting is say, 'Challenge accepted'.
    I think that for your next birthday you will be showered with funny T-shirts

  2. Challenge accepted!!!! hahahahaha!!!

  3. So funny! And well written too, Maikel ... write more often!

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