Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robots also read in the restroom!!

Today, Maikel did an astonishing discovery, thorough his wide list of scientist spies/contacts that he has made during his eternal stay at CERN...
His friend Jose Tokio managed to get this picture from a hidden camera in the toilet of a super robotics secret research institution. One of the robots of the lab was found there!!! And he was even reading!!!
It is still to be investigated if the toilets shit anti-matter, like CERN scientists...
Also, it is worth to investigate which kind of toilet paper it is better for taking care of their delicate ass cutis.
In addition, in this photo it was made another unspeakable discovery: if you pay a lot of attention, you can see the foot of someone hiding behind the poor robot, who is unaware of the disgusting fact... So, there are also robot voyeurs who enjoy looking at them!!! Puajjj

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