Saturday, February 11, 2012

Area 300

What's with this building?

"This building" is bien sur the "Alice building", no. 300-301-160-161.

Legend has it that an old experiment was there, for ever cemented away from existence many centuries ago, and since this cube of cement was lying too close to the main gate to make sense the only solution was to surround it by three extensions. And make them into offices and labs to surround the ancient spirit by alive human action, adding oblivion to eternal isolation.

Everyone working there seems to have heard about this legend but nobody knows for sure. And here is a hint for you by an informer of this blog: Next time you find yourself turning around the (too many) cute corners of the Alice building as you try to reach R1 on feet on a rainy day, attempt to go to its central part.
And I didn't even tell you to raise your gaze to its rooftop.

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha!! this post was very cool :D

    Anyway, my personal opinion is that this is the Black Mesa facility where Gordon Freeman was fighting against the aliens from another dimensions, brought here by the failed experiment :D I'm sure that there should be some huge monster with tentacles and super-powers that is hibernated there...