Thursday, January 28, 2010

Norbert proposes something

Yeah, he proposed to go out for drinks tonight Thursday. Luisfer and a couple of friends of them will join.

From us, only Juan and Eli showed some indifference... (this means that nobody else replied so Norbert might get a nice surprise... or not)

PS: Fidel loved that Juanada in Spanish:
- Fidel: quienes vienen?
- Juan: de momento tu eres el unico que ha mostrado cierta indiferencia...


  1. I'm out.

    P.S.: Yes, only Juan and Eli showed some indifference. The rest showed total indifference.

  2. If Fidel and you were living here in Geneva, these kind of things wouldn't happen...

  3. ¿?

    Did you just say my name to make this offer more appealing?

    Well, I mean... You are right, it IS more appealing, but I think this is cheating...

    And I agree. If I were there, tonight, we would be having beers. :D


  4. Ha ha, he said your name just for the search engines!