Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog created!!!

In this funny newly created blog we (Maikels & Mikaelas) plan to post gossips and news related to CERN and science in general.

Just try to not to be very specific with people in general so nobody gets really affected. Remember: "everybody is Maikel!!"


PD: Gossips in languages other than English are also accepted. Cotilleos en español también están aceptados :)


  1. Bien sur! En francais aussi :D

    PS: also is allowed to write in panocho language

  2. Great! Now I can keep myself updated with all the cern gossip!
    Who else could have had created such a blog? The one and only Maikel!

    Besos a todos!

  3. I liked especially the "friends, parties and science ***around*** CERN" ... lest anyone thought s/he could visit this blog and read about science *at* cern!

    Filia! (Μιχαέλα)