Friday, January 29, 2010

Newcomer needs you

Hi to all M&M's!
In April a friend will go to cern and stay for one year (technical student).
If any of you knows anything about any place that she could rent, preferably on the swiss side, pleaz let me know.



  1. This post is very badly written, Mikaela. If you really want people to pay attention to these things, you should learn to rephrase them like this:

    New hot chick at CERN!!!
    In April a very hot (and maybe single) exotic Greek girl will come to CERN. She needs handsome and strong guys to help her to know a place to rent and then to make her happy and comfortable here... (blink blink)

  2. I knew my pretending-to-be-innocent methods wouldn't fail to attract attention and protective instincts! Ha!