Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maikel finally got an "office"!!

Well, not really an office, but access to the huge open space in building 510... So, Maikel's new office is ~ the size of all the B40 cafeteria and looks like a huge classroom! They told him it's the place where students, coming for very short time, are assigned.

He asked at the secretary in which position of the waiting list he is, after 1 year and 2 months waiting for an office. He got removed from the list! Again! It's the third time that he gets inscribed in there... Now he is back at the bottom of the list again. When asked about a time estimate of when he will get a real office they said that in one year from now, the new building aside B40 will be opened and then he might get an office there. That will be > 2 years after he asked for an office for the first time... So disappointing...

He is starting to believe that the Epsilon team is probably behind all this...

PS: what you all don't know is that the new building aside B40 is the building created specially for Maikel and his slaves, to compensate for all this disappoint. Maikel will get his revenge by enjoying torturing his male slaves and inviting to coffee to the female ones :D


  1. If Maikel needs and office and can pretend to be a theoretical physicist, Maikel can probably take over a desk in building 4, where the real Michael had a desk. The room doesn't lock and the office space is shared, but I'm sure the beautiful Russian girl Solarin in the office next door is willing to show you where to go.

  2. Maikeeeeeeel! I mean, Solariiiiin!! I need that office!!! (are you free for a coffee? :D)
    PS: for the people out of the gossip. Solarin is... a man. I won't say her/his name here XD
    PS2: actually Solarin currently lives in Paris but I will write him.

  3. About the Epsilon team... have you noticed that MaikEL contains an "EL"? This is very very dangerous!