Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eleni's friend is here!!!

Nobody knows her name nor her face. Her name on facebook is "Pinkfloyd". Someone today said that probably she is married and is the wife of one of the Pinkfloyd members. The gossip is spreading. In the facebook photo you can see her from very far away, from a side, and with sunglasses, so it would be almost impossible to recognise her. Someone even said that maybe she is a man. Or maybe she just changed sex. Again. Who knows the truth...

Anyway, she is already working at CERN and she is looking for a flat. She wants to meet strong and handsome maikels to help her, and nice mikaelas to talk about girlish topics. Please, help her! We will meet for merienda one of these days. For lunch, she already met 2 handsome guys with whom she is going to lunch. You maikels already lost your opportunity for first contact...


  1. I'm terrified! When I suggested you meet my friend and, after this, on a separate paragraph, I asked you to blog, I didn't mean that you should blog about her! LOL!

  2. hehehe, remember that if you ask me something, you risk of being satisfied!!! XD

  3. I laughed when I read the "again" :)

  4. LOL!!! she met already two maikels?? they r not strong or not handsome enough??? uhmmm..

  5. hahaha! Eleni!!! you told her about the blog and you did not warn her about me!! You are so mean... Now Evi and me we both hate you!! Ta tse skotoso!! Now she wants to kill both you and me!! She is so angry...

    @Valentina: yesterday she was not with any of the Maikels, just 2 other maikels that I don't know. Well, in the afternoon she met only me, and then she thought I was totally normal... poor her... Well, today in the lunch she met some of the real Maikels, although I guess she will have problems remembering their names.

    @Cristina: yes, I think she is VERY scared already...

  6. Petty liar! When have I told her about the blog?? (It's true that "tha se skotoso" finds a very proper application here...)
    And what do you mean by remembering the names?! Isn't Maikel a name?