Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New CULO poll!!

What kind of feelings does the word CULO bring up to your mind?? Funny? Disgusting? Don't give a shit? ;-) Just reply to the post!!

PS: yes, I know, I ran out of ideas about what to write this week but anyway I found this topic funny :)


  1. Since I know what it means .. its not as much fun I guess... But.. The first word that pops into my kind it reggeaton songs ;) haha
    Love that word;)

  2. Hahahaha! It is so fun that reggeton song! "Y tiene un tremendo... CULO!!!!" :D I was used to hear it with my friend Robin at the gym.

  3. or even, papi papi, papi..cHulo!! ;)

  4. Ok. Now, this is too much. Almost three weeks without new posts, are you ok?

  5. I forgot to copy/paste the results. I'm very disappointed. Some people told me they find the word very disgusting (but they didn't vote) :)

    Funny word. Makes me laugh.

    5 (55%)

    Disgusting. Don't like to hear it.

    0 (0%)

    Just a word like any other (am I a robot?).

    4 (44%)

    Votes so far: 9