Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MCCM tomorrow Wednesday about presentations!!

Eli will talk about how to make a good slides presentation (not explaining powerpoint but just explaining how the slides should be and how you should talk). Most physicist should learn that stuff...

Details are at:

I ignore what she will talk about but I guess she will seriously warn physicists about common practices like:

- creating the presentations in the same meeting while the previous speaker is presenting
- putting tons of text into the slides in tiny letters (so nobody can read it & complain)
- copying/pasting just a paper and putting it into the slides (variation of the previous bullet)
- making the slides so boring, colourless and simple that everybody will be tempted to have a nice siesta while in the presentation
- speaking showing our pretty back to the public just reading the slides rather than speaking to the people

(all these are real cases I am used to see...)


  1. It was cancelled :(

    Most people could not attend (only I confirmed assistance!!! come on, people!!!) and anyway Eli was also busy so it was ok for her. I hope we can make it next week!!!

  2. Remark: Eli told me that the presentation will be not much about how to make the slides but more about how to talk in public and present and sell ideas. It is promising!

  3. It sounds very very interesting and I want to participate, but I couldn't find any mention of the day+time neither here nor at stracitella's...