Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shitty jokes

Aberto recommended me some stuff to put into the blog (sorry, Spanish only) so here you have (jokes regarding shit and how to call to the fact of producing such noble element):

As I found it interesting, I looked in internet for a page presenting such different ways of calling this interesting act and found the following

The shitting synonyms I like the most say something like:

- going to say goodbye to an inner friend
- going to free Willy
- going to externalize my uneasiness
- going to switch from abstract to concrete
- going to paint a black angel
- going to add flavour into the soup
- going to show off the best of myself
- going to discard an hypothesis
- going to negociate the freedom of hostages


  1. LOL, mine was "going to a meeting"..hahahahahahaha

  2. Un amigo de la facultad decía: 'Perdonadme un momento, tengo que subir a la cátedra de "termo" a resolver unas dudas ...'