Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bulgarian dances at CERN!!

As many of you know, this week have started the lessons of the CERN dancing club! Maikel has already gone to all existing courses except ballroom dances, where he is has been inscribed this year. Well, he also did never inscribe into oriental belly dances, although he had the chance and he was told that there were many women therehat has not been totally understood yet.

This Friday evening, there will be free lessons of Bulgarian folk dances at CERN, these dances where guys and girls dance in a line, very funny and energetic. Details at

Maikel and other friends said they will join. Definitively you cannot loose it or you will regret it all your life (short, as many people say we will destroy the world soon, or at least just the Vatican :D).

PS: of course, the part of destroying the world is a joke
PS2: I would never do that, you know, right? RIGHT?
PS3: yes, I hope you really know that and think that I'm a cool and nice person. On the contrary...

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  1. Por el amor de Dios, Juan no te apuntes a eso!!! que son hombres con falda bailando en linea

    Oh Jesus Christ, Juan doesn't join this group!!! they're men dancing in line wearing skirts