Monday, September 27, 2010

Guess which one of the models is forbidden in Italy!!

One of the two models in the right is forbidden in fashion exhibition in Milano. Can you guess which one??

Of course, the allowed one is the skinny one of the left:

Somehow many Italian fashion stuff still think that men (and girls) prefers skinny & skeleton rather than plump & chubby ones :) Of course, at least at CERN, we prefer the non-skeleton ones!!! We don't want a thin stick or pole! We need something tender and soft to hug!! :D


  1. It's embarrassing. Clothes designers want women look like men. I'll post this on my facebook wall

  2. Really... Am I the only one who finds the girl on the left disgusting?

  3. Fidel is right, I think the discussion before him completely missed the point! She's not thin, she's having serious health problems!