Monday, September 6, 2010

Maikel is in Spain!!

There are rumours that point to the most beautiful city in the world (Benidorm, of course). Maikel might be hidden there enjoying the 30 degrees and the beach and the (5!!) theme parks that are around. Everybody is envying him, while they freez in bloody Geneva watching the gray sky and sad faces... Be careful, girls!! in Benidorm you might find "Johnny Melenas, el Terror de las Nenas"!!!

In 2.5 days he is there, he has been seen in a night party till 4am, drinking alcohol, in the Terra Natura zoo, the Aqua Natura aquapark and at the beach.

There are also rumours about him having had an important look change cutting very short his hair... Be careful!! He might be difficult to recognize now!! His female fans might have problems to find him now!!

1 comment:

  1. hey juanito! he was in benidorm and left his mark!!
    oh thank you the holidays finished and they come back to Switzerland again. but hey! we miss you jhonny.