Monday, February 1, 2010

Maikel and Swedish love stuff

There are rumours about Fidemaikel having Swedish kisses or even Swedish hugs... He says he will neither deny nor confirm those words thus he'll look way cooler than before.

PS: just in case you didn't know what these words mean... Myself, I didn't know them before Valentina told us... What has been seen cannot be unseen...

PS2: disclaimer - In fact she didn't know what these expressions mean. She just wanted to make the joke that in Swedish the verb "to piss" sounds like "to kiss" :D When we discovered the true meaning and we told her, she wanted to solve the situation changing sending us 'Swedish hugs' instead of 'Swedish kisses' but it was even worse :-P


  1. Fuck... Did you ACTUALLY write this?

    You must be pretty bored...

  2. bhauhauahuahau!! really many many thanks juan for writing my name and not mikaela =PPP jajajajajaja

  3. Oops, you deserve it!! Now I'm all the day thinking about these horrible things... It's even worst than the bukkake!!! XD

    Ok, I have to admit that you didn't know that when you said it, I will edit the post to make that point clear :D

    PS: if you really mind, just tell me and I will never put your name again, Mikaela. Or better I will start calling everybody with your name, that could be even more fun.

  4. bhauhauahuahauhaua!! now the post looks even worse,
    ok, i'll not complain that it was WEINA (oh..who will this girl be? i let it to ur imagination =P haha) who talked about "swedish hugs"..but the problem is that..she is actually in Sweden!!!! =PPPP

  5. hahaha! So, the only remaining thing to do is to ask her if she have ever give a Swedish hug!!!! :D We can ask her first, and then tell her what it means :D
    PS: about the Swedish kiss... it's so disgusting that I'm still having nightmares about it...