Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Japan Impact

This weekend, at EPFL Lausanne, everything related to Japanese culture, food, anime, manga, cosoplay, even there will be a manga drawing course, Japanese language course, games, ...

And Maikel is going to miss it!

This could be useful for Luisfer, Vale or Alberto Ocampo, who will be soon going to Japan. And I guess it could also be useful if Consuelo *finally* did her presentation about her trip to Japan last year in the MCCM anytime soon!


  1. Gaaaa, I want to go as well! Especially to every workshop:

    Grr. Have fun.

  2. It was cool!!! We attended a free session of Japanese massage (shiatsu??), saw tons of hot chicks disguised very funny, saw many Japanese and anime stuff and I even saw to the creator of Saint Seiya and Goldorak! For next time I need to find a cool disguise...