Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 TeV Media Event!!!

There will be an official "7 TeV collisions Big Media Event" on March 30 (next Tuesday) at CERN. Hundreds of journalists will come here by that date and we will have 3.5 x 3.5 TeV collisions!

Official link:

Official ATLAS news:
As many of you already know, CERN is planning for 3.5 + 3.5 TeV collisions on 30 March 2010. To witness this event, CERN has invited several hundred journalists to be present on the CERN site. A wide media coverage similar to September 2008 is expected.

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PS: only sub-system experts will probably be allowed (and will be requested to be) at the control room of CMS... that means that Maikel has to be there.


  1. When I was at CERN I was lead to think that the target was 14 TeV ...

  2. hehehe, little by little, boy. The target keeps being 14 but I would be very happy if after so many delays we can still get half of it now :-P Anyway, the fact that we can reach 7 right now does not mean that we can start working with stable collisions at that energy... for that I guess we still need many months...

  3. Maikel I didn't see your name in the list of persons allowed in the cms control room! What's going wrong?!

  4. Where is that list of persons????!!!!! I have to be there!!! They also said they will call all sub-system experts tonight to check that the telephone is replied so I guess they will call me! :P


  6. That page is not for people allowed in the control room :-P There is no people from DAQ, Trigger or other important systems and today in the Run Meeting they said that there exist no page with people allowed to be there. It's good that I checked that, you scared me! :) Thanks anyway for caring so much ;-)

  7. Oh-oh, I was blind, this was for the Meyrin centre, not P5. When they sent it on the mailing list they phrased it in a way such as to scare everybody else off the control centre!
    Thanks for thanking me, happy collisions ^^

  8. Hehe, thanks for thanking me for thanking you!! XD

    There will be no list for 'allowed people' tomorrow. I hope we will all fit in the small control room!! :D