Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's day gossips!!!

Merry Christmas!! I mean... happy international Women's day!! (to all girls, not to the men, of course, not even to effeminate ones. Mmm, there is no Men's day now that I think about it... well, except in Russia).

ATLAS news: "today all CERN experiments and accelerators are primarily operated by women. Go to: for live images coming from all control rooms."

CMS news: "to highlight the key role played by the 588 women scientists
currently in CMS, 32 of the 34 main shifts needed to run our experiment
will be covered by women scientists of the Collaboration."

Interview to Isabel:

Pablito's birthday: is today, although it does not mean that he changed sex or became effeminate.


  1. Juaaan!! u mean women gossips day? i like it.. =P LOL

  2. :ppp How lame can this thing be, the only-women shifts today? It's *almost* as lame as March 8 being the only day where one can find strip shows by men, oriented to women (and not to gay men, this is way more common). Does this imply that smth is missing the rest of the year? *Yes* it does...

  3. On the other hand, I liked this:

    And now go back to gossip, please.

  4. I just put in google "porcentage de mujeres
    investigadoras" and I found this official document from 5 years ago where they make statistics

    I only read the page about statistics and say that:

    - percentage of women students are similar in all degrees (experimental, medical, humanities...). I would say that I don't agree with that in physics. They don't say from where do they take the data.
    - percentage of women in all Spanish universities is ~54% so it's quite equitable. But percentage of women working in research (at CSIC, Spanish main research institute) is ~35%, one third of that. I believe that is real data.
    - that study was made only by women :)

    About CERN, in google I found the following interesting opinions from women (1st occurrence in google)

    and this official ATLAS statistics about women researchers (second occurence)

    I don't know if we should trust these statistics because they say there there is no Mexican or Chinese woman at all working for ATLAS and we know Isabel and Weina :)

    Finally in the third google occurrence (I will not look further) there is an official CERN article (also written by a woman) which says that in 2006 the official figure of women at CERN working as staff in physics is ~6%.

    Really low... I didn't know that it was so small :(
    Anyway I guess that in computing or engineering that figure is higher.