Friday, August 27, 2010

Slang poll!! What is a "tarzanito"??

Not even everybody in Spain knows that. I also looked for it in a slang English dictionary and they also use the same one!

When Pablito told me about that the firs time, I was so... surprised... Ok, I will not give any more hints! But I promise a picture of it when the poll is over!! (I already found one XD)


  1. it's a cern worker!! everyone knows that!! =P

  2. Argh, Maikel!! I think we talked about that concept when I was gorroning at your flat.

    As my friend Pablo told me (will it be the same Pablo/Pablito?) you call "tarzanito" to the little piece of poo that remains stuck at the end of your anal hair... yummie!! (it's supposed to be similar to Tarzan hanging from a liana)

    Shit!! O_o


  3. I just added a picture to the post so it is evident what it is!! XD

    Poll results are (you were mostly right!!):

    The son of Tarzan
    0 (0%)
    A CERN worker
    0 (0%)
    A guy who believes he's awesome, cool and strong
    1 (14%)
    An alcoholic strong shot
    0 (0%)
    A little disgusting shit hanging from your ass
    6 (85%)

    Votes so far: 7

  4. I add this interesting blog (sorry, only in Spanish) where they discuss the (fake but cool) history of Tarzanitos and the dark organisations fighting to eradicate them

  5. I just wanted to ask whether you realize that now whenever we have a tarzanito we'll be thinking of you?