Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New poll about white hair!!

Yes, CERN people also has white hair sometimes. I was just wondering where...

Where do you have it, if any??? :)


  1. I hope your bloody poll doesn't give my hair the bad eye now!!

  2. What?? You dye your hair?? :D Now we all know, Mikaela!!!

  3. You forgot to add the options "Yes, in the sole of my feet" and "Yes, in the palm of my hands".

  4. I mat be wrong, but I think that "my genitals" is not correct English. You should say "my genitalia".

  5. mmm, I see that the correct English spelling is the only worry you have about your genitals :) Other people worry about the size and other stuff but I guess you are more freak :)

    BTW, in wordreference it seems that both are accepted

    ... but as there is no "official English language academy" stating such facts, it's difficult to say.