Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dancing Club Halloween party!!!


Rumors say that there will be a Dancing Club Halloween party somewhere around CERN this Friday night. Club members and their friends are invited to such scary event...

And it will be really scary. There will be no monsters, witches nor zombies (just people disguised as such). But... you will see... DANCING PEOPLE!!! Run for your life before the rock'n roll starts shaking your legs and tango makes you slide around the floor, while salsa and chachacha tries to move your cu-cu!!

I definitively would not go if I was you.

In such case, there will be more girls and drinks for me, of course. Mmm, but if I was you and not me, would I really worry about me?? mmm, ok, let's go back to work and stop thinking so much. What was I doing... Ah, I know, I was working on the CERN plan for destroying the world, or at least the Vatican...

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  1. Results about the poll about dancing!!!

    Do you like dancing??

    No. It's just gay. 1 (14%)

    No. I prefer to watch while drinking in the bar. 0 (0%)

    Maybe I'd like, but my legs move like if I was a drunken duck. 1 (14%)

    I would like but I just I have no f*ing idea. 1 (14%)

    Yes... but don't tell anyone! 1 (14%)

    Yes!!! It's cool!!! 3 (42%)

    Votes so far: 7