Tuesday, October 19, 2010

R1 vs R2... superheroes FIGHT!!!

During past days some unexpected super-event happened at CERN, and many people did not even noticed it. Someone in a group of friends decided to create a poll to discuss the never-ending debate about if going to lunch to R1 or R2. The results of the poll were totally unexpected.

Many well known (and not so well known) super heroes voted there!!!

Unfortunately, most of them went somewhere else than to R1 or R2 or went disguised so they were unnoticed.

Strangely, the day after, another mysterious poll appeared. And this time many other superheroes voted!!

We got few conclusions from that.
  • First, probably Virginia is dating spiderman!!!
  • Second, Jorge may be spiderman or may know him!!!
  • Third, there was a more than probable sabotage of the votations!!!
In the other hand, today there was a big female fight between Virginia and Eli for going to R1 or R2. Finally Eli won because of the non show up of her opponent (had to go to P5 in a hurry, probably to have lunch with Spiderman in the Carrefour restaurant).

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