Friday, October 22, 2010

Official CERN article by Virginia!!!

Yes, she worked on an official CERN article!!

It's not so much surprising, as we all knew that she is official member of TOTEM outreach and she is also publishing science-related articles in many Italian media (yeah, she always says I don't listen but actually I do!!)

Congratulations, Virginia!!

By the way, Fidel noticed that this important TOTEM scientist receiving the award is also an important politician in his country (a member of the parliament). We are ashamed that instead in Spain our politicians wear fake magical / magnetic / ionized bracelets believing in their powers...
For instance, here and here you see the current Spanish Ministry of Health :(

PS: I got Virginia's photo from google images. Actually that one was in the news for CERN Women's day celebrations.

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  1. Beautiful lady.

    Because the machine on the right of the picture is a lady, isnt't it? :)