Monday, November 29, 2010

CERN has 3 DGs!!! (poll about CERN toilets)

In my last poll about CERN toilets, we made a fatal discovery: CERN has 3 Director Generals!!! Or it might be also that he voted 3 times!!! Or maybe someone (mean) voted saying that he/she was the DG???

Of course this fact points out that at least one of the following sentences is true:
  • the toilets used by CERN DG are always very clean (not like the one Maikel used past week...)
  • there is mean people that is not sincere with what they vote in the blog!!
  • people coming to vote to the blog is just having fun and voting nonsense :D
The poll also discovered that there is at CERN one worker that is a robot!!! And not only that, this robot thinks that all other CERN workers are also robots... Poor little robot... so innocent... or not?? Can anyone of you prove that you are NOT a robot???

Ok, the results of the poll were:

What do you think about CERN toilets??
They are quite ok, I've shit in worse places
4 (28%)
Somehow they make me shit antimatter
5 (35%)
I like them (and they are individual, not double)
2 (14%)
Horrible, dirty, unhealthy, insane
3 (21%)
I like them. They're clean and perfect (I'm CERN's DG)
3 (21%)
Toilets?? What are these?? Why do you need them to shit?
1 (7%)
I don't use them, I'm a robot. Aren't you also one?
1 (7%)
Don't know. We don't have in my building. We do that outside with the cows and the sheeps.
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 14
Poll closed


  1. Voters who do not reply the truth in polls should be banned from future polls! Don't ruin our statistics just to have fun! The truth is fun enough!

  2. Nobody would lie in an online poll. Clearly the past DGs are also reading nakedcern.

  3. Wow! I didn't think about that!! Thanks Maikel!! I feel flattered now, feeling that all past, present and future DGs read this blog... Probably that is the first thing they read when they wake up, to keep themselves informed about the real important news about CERN...

  4. jajajajaja, as future gd i can confirm that ;) lol