Monday, November 22, 2010

ET's resurrection!!!!

Something happened to one of Maikel's friends. One day, something appeared like going out from her hair. Most people just thought that she started mutating into something weird. That is a very well known secondary effect of being physicist, specially if you have ever been at CERN. But this time was different. Someone positively identified the strange shape on top of her head as being... ET's hand!!!!

Then, we were wondering how is possible that we get news from ET so long time after its first movie. Now it all makes sense. We all thought that it went back to its planet. But the truth is much darker. Eventually, the spaceship had a problem and ET fell down to Earth again. And now all indicates that it went into Esther's head!!! Finally, after many years of hard work, he is managing to escape and already has a hand out. Good work, ET!! Keep going!!! Soon, this will become the second movie: "ET 2. Resurrection."

But someone else pointed out that ET is probably dead since long time ago. It could not survive so long without food and whatever it needs... So, if this is its hand. This means that it is a zombie!!! It is hard to think about that but our dear ET has become a zombie!! And after eating Esther's brain, finally is managing to escape from the hair prison and will spread the terror all around the world!!!

Only CERN's LHC can save us. We are already pointing our anti-matter beams to the hair prison but unfortunately we could only produce 38 anti-atoms so we could only scratch ET.... We will try to do it better next time!!!


  1. hahahaha, if i wd ever see something like that i wd definitely phone home!! ;)) LOL
    ps. btw who is the extraterrestrial Mikaela here? ;)

  2. hahaha! you don't know her, she is a physicist friend who is in Spain now. mmm, the idea of ET as Zombie is by Joel but you also don't know him :) Anyway, he deserves his credit for it!!
    PS: I looked for the photo of zombie ET myself... I and Esther were surprised of how is possible that someone already had the idea of a zombie ET and even created a poster out of it... More fun posters here:

    I think Alberto will specially like this one!!! It's so fun!!

  3. Mein Gott...
    I never expected that taking this innocent picture would go this far! :-D