Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maikel is in the CMS news!!!

Once again, Maikel got famous and was in the CMS official electronic newspaper!!

The article is nice and he is very proud of it but some people has noticed that the picture does not seem very natural and there are suspicions of having some photoshop on it... Who knows if some hacker could have added his picture!!

Anyway, the CERN lovers of the gossip can finally know the faces of the people who works with Maikel. Now they can put faces to these people and imagine the most funny and unbelievable gossips about all of them!!


  1. The Photoshopper is extremely CHAPUCERO :)

  2. Do you really work "together"? Why the need of such a pooooooor photoshop job then?

  3. Surely Maikel has never been together with all the people he works with :) One of them cannot go outside US, another one is in Lithuania... Too complicated!!

    And about the photoshop you can see that all of us are physicists and there are no computing scientists in the group!! (I also wonder how is possible that CERN works in this way...)

  4. "One of them cannot go ourside US".

    Wow... What is his/her problem? Massive drug dealing?

  5. The one having the problem is Hiro Nakamura, you see him in the photo. He could use his super-powers to bend space-time and teletransport but he does not want people to know so he needs a special visa to move to some countries and it seems that super heroes have problems with that bureaucracy...