Thursday, August 5, 2010

Which is your super-power???

Today we were talking about the conversations we had long time ago about our friend's super-powers. The conversation came from the fact that I was feeling a bit like a banana ("aplatanado", in Spanish) and as I don't know the translation in English I tranlated the verb "to be bananed" directly to English. When you are bananed, you gain a strange super-power of being a bit apathetic and not in the mood of doing anything at all. Let's make a list:
  • Banana power: you are able to convert anything, even a happy and funny situation, in something without any interest at all
  • Monkey power (from Estebanito, he went to the doctor and told him "I have a problem I am like a Monkey" so Robin called him Monkeyman since then): when you are too long time typing in front of the computer and you cannot sit straight anymore
  • Confusion attack (also from Estebanito? o maybe from Pablito?): it's the power of being able to confuse everybody
  • Reflection attack: when you are able to reflect even the powerful Confusion attack so even the attacker gets confused
  • Hot&&cold super power: Andrei's power of being at the same time a cool and a hot guy
  • Hot||cold super power: Maikel's power of being hot when he is aside a girl and cool when he is aside a guy
  • Sandeep's Guessing super power: his proven ability of being able to correctly guess stuff like the nationality of hot girls or if a given guy is gay or not
And you?? Which is your super-power?? :) For sure I'm forgetting many!!!


  1. He he, the "banana power" in greek can be translated as "dewatering"...

  2. pffffffffff, i think is the most common underpower! =PPPP

  3. I have a power. I can say when Maikel is reaaaaaally bored. For example, he was really bored wen he wrote this post :)